Federal bureau of investigation

Reginald – Sep 01, 2020

Victim Location 79602

Type of a scam Other

Received a call stating that they were with the FBI and had a warrant out for my arrest.

Keith –

Victim Location 65109

Total money lost $1,700

Type of a scam Phishing

Two males, identifying themselves as "FBI Agent *** *** *** ***  contacted a restaurant in Jefferson City, MO and scammed the night manager. The subjects claimed that the business’ general manager was being investigated for counterfeiting and the scammer told the night manager to count all of the bills in the till and the safe while remaining on the phone.

The employee was ordered to stay on the phone and take all of the cash to a local Walmart. There, they were ordered to put $425 on four American Express gift cards (totaling $1,700.00). Once complete, the employee gave the scammer all of the gift card numbers and their security numbers from the back. The scammer ordered the employee to destroy the four cards and receipt in a toilet in Walmart.

Each time the employee attempted to notify any other employees or managers, the scammer threatened to have her indicted in federal court for aiding and abetting a known counterfeiter. The scammer concluded the conversation by telling the employee that the FBI would be delivering marked bills to the restaurant in the morning in order to track their boss.

This incident was reported to the local police.

Brendan –

Victim Location 08826

Type of a scam Tax Collection


Lindsay –

Victim Location 46637

Type of a scam Phishing

Got an email from the ‘FBI’ stating that i had gotten an Inheritance worth ten million some odd dollars, and that i needed all the paperwork required in order to collect it, and that they would contact me shortly, but if I did not have the paperwork, I was to let them know immediately, by email, I think, knowing this is a scam, I breezed through it, so I really don’t remember much else, but the email address was [email protected]

Brett –

Victim Location 32801

Type of a scam Other

I received an email claiming to be from the Federal Bureau of Investigation stating that the current president of Nigeria, his Excellency Muhammadu Buhari, has decided to clear all his debts owed to me and other organizations. Then the person who wrote the email asks for a one time delivery fee of $425 US dollars. It is a rather long email with much more to say. It then states to contact the debt reconciliation officer in West Africa, Charlie Alfie, via email address at [email protected]. There is also an attached PDF that I did not open.

Deanna –

Victim Location 43140

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The initial phone call showed up on my cell phone as a local Dayton number which I answered and the person on the line identified them as an "agent"- they did give the name however the first call was a bad connection and I could barely understand them. They called back and the line was a little clearer, but I still could not understand the person because of their foreign accent. The "agent" proceeded to say there were complaints filed against my name and stated something about education taxes that were not filed- they were trying to obtain information regarding the case. Again, the caller’s accent made communication very difficult to understand but they confirmed the school I attended and the major I studied. I did not provide any personal information because I felt I did not understand the reason for the call nor what the caller was directly asking me. Because I was at work during this incident I politely asked the caller for contact information so I could discuss this further while I am not at work. The caller became aggressive and sped up their voice making the communication even harder. Finally I asked to speak to a supervisor, and as I was being "transferred" the call was dropped. I immediately searched Google to find there is no Dayton field office for the FBI (which I already suspected). The caller ID on my cell phone identified the number as "U S GOVT FBI" and at one point during their multiple redials it came up as "EMERGENCY NUMBER".

Jill –

Victim Location 89122

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange





The Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) Washington,D.C

in conjunction with some other relevant Investigations Agencies

have recently been informed through our Global intelligence

monitoring network that your over-due contract payment

which was fully endorsed in your favor accordingly by the

Central bank of Malaysia(Bank Negara Malaysia) has not been claimed.

It might interest you to know that we have taken out time

in screening through this project as stipulated on our

protocol of operation and have finally

confirmed that your contract payment is 100% genuine and

hitch free from all facet and of which you have the lawful

right to claim your fund without any further delay.

We further advise that you go ahead in dealing with the

Central Bank office accordingly as we will be monitoring all

their services with you as well as your correspondence at

all level.

We were also made to understand that a lady with name Mrs.

Joan C.*** from OHIO has already contacted them and also

presented to them all the necessary documentation evidencing your

claim purported to have been signed personally by you prior to

the release of your contract fund valued at about $25million us dollars


but the Central Bank office did the wise thing by insisting on

hearing from you personally before they go ahead on wiring

your fund to the Bank information which was forwarded to

them by the above named Lady so that the main reason why they

contacted us so as to assist them in making the investigation.

Contact immediately the office of the Central Bank of Malaysia

(Bank Negara Malaysia) via email with the below information accordingly:

NAME: Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim.

OFFICE ADDRESS: Bank Negara Malaysia,

Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur,

Wilayah Persekutuan,Kuala Lumpur,


Email: [email protected]

Meanwhile, we will advise that you contact the office

of the Governor of the Central Bank immediately with

the above email address and request that they attend

to your payment file as directed,

so as to enable you receive your contract fund accordingly.

To this effect, you are required to reconfirm and

authenticate your given particulars below for certainty

and onward processing and release of you funds

as we may not be held liable for any wrong payment.

FULL NAMES: __________________________________

CITY: _________________________

STATE: __________________________________

ZIP: ______________


SEX: _______________

AGE: __________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________

FAX: __________________________

Ensure you follow all their procedure as may be required by

them as that will further help hasten up the whole procedure

as regard to the transfer of your fund to you as designated.

Also have in mind that the Central Bank of Malaysia

equally have their own protocol of operation as stipulated

on their banking terms, so delay could be very dangerous.

Thank you very much for your anticipated co-operation in

advance as we earnestly await your urgent response to this matter.

Best Regards,

James Brien Comey

Federal Bureau of Investigation

J. Edgar Hoover Building

935 Pennsylvania Avenue,

NW Washington, D.C.

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