Federal Express Corporation impostor

Jerome –

Victim Location 38120

Type of a scam Other

I received a notification via facebook email from a page set up as Federal Express Corp stating that their was a money drawing and I had been selected. I thought this was related to a factual program that Federal Express Corp Headquarters offer every year for small business entrepreneurship. I advised that I was receiving $35,000.00 and was ask did I want the money in cash or check: I requested Cash Money. I provided my name and the address location for the Federal Express delivery package of the Money with a back and tracking number. I was told that the money would be delivered Federal Express by 12 midnight on April 219-20th, 2019 and it was not. then the sender of the information tried to get me to purchase $150 in ipad gift cards in order to receive the money, I then turned the offer down and explained that if it was legit you would not have to pay any money to receive the Federal Express Delivery. I all of the contents of electronic communication between this listed individual as a Agent Moses R.

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