Federal Law Enforcement

Keith –

Victim Location 84105

Type of a scam Tax Collection

A "federal law officer" named Mark ? contacted me by phone. He left a voicemail that said it was urgent for me to contact him. He had a very heavy Indian accent so it was difficult to understand all the details and his last name. When I called back, I got a woman named Kelly Smith – also with a heavy Indian accent which was hard to understand at times. She read a "report" to me and I was told to not interrupt her while she read it. It said that there was a warrant out for my arrest and a legal lawsuit against my name and identity. She said I owed the IRS an "education tax" from the past (Internal Revenue Code #6331H) and that because I had not responded to phone calls and emails, I would be arrested and put in jail or I could pay the fee ($13,000) within 45 minutes. When I told her I was not contacted by anyone and that I do not owe the IRS or an education tax, she became argumentative. When I told her I was looking her up and that I thought this was a fraudulent claim, she hung up.

Janet –

Victim Location 56267

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

College daughter got a call on her cell phone from 516-209-0005 that she had past due bill and IRS convictions and she would be arrested if she didn’t pay immediately without hanging up the phone. She set the phone down and called us to check it out. caller hung up. We returned call man answered "Federal Law Enforcement". Would not answer any questions of who they were or where they were. and hung up. Called back twice more and got hung up on and then blocked. Obviously a scam to get college kids to take out their debit card and transfer money to avoid going to jail.

Brent –

Victim Location 55423

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The below number called me, left a voice mail, and claimed to be Shawn Tyler. He said he was calling from the Federal Law Enforcement. The reason of the call was to inform me that there was a complaint filed to me name. I can call them back at the number in this complaint and it is time sensitive so to call them back right away. So I did.

Someone who sounded just like the Shawn Tyler guy (both with a middle eastern accent) but a different name (I was in my car and was not able to write down his information) only verified me by my full name and cell number. Which was the first red flag for any company since normally they ask for more information such as a birthday.

He said I have a complaint to my name because I did not file a "Student Federal Tax" I asked to explain this. I file every year with H & R Block online, also notate I’m a student, all my 1098-T’s and so forth. It’s impossible I did not pay any and all taxes related to being a student. He said he could not answer many of my questions. It took some time to understand what this call was about. I finally asked how much to pay and he said $1,509 (or maybe it was 1059 something like that) after the amount due and late fees. I was beyond angry and confused how are there late fees if I never heard of this now, never got ANY letters, and taxes aren’t even due until the 16th of this month?! He said it wasn’t filed with taxes its just a form to file after I graduate and it’s a one time thing. This seemed even odder to me, I have graduated with an AS as well back in 2011 so why not pay then? (I didn’t share that of course they seemed sketchy and I didn’t want them to have more information since I felt like this was a scam.) They processed to insist I pay, and threatened it would ruin my credit score. After a while of not answering more questions I told him I’m contacting my tax professional (a local H&R Block office) and will get back to them, that if anything was filed wrong then it should fall onto H & R, plus my school (U of M Twin cities) never mentioned this to me before. I decided to call my school first, and the Financial aid office confirmed this is a scam and there is no such this as a Federal Student Tax, and they have gotten several calls about this.

I tired to call them back, I wanted to know how they got my full name, cell phone number (which I believe should be an unlisted number) and knew I graduated last year. However it rang for about two minutes before a machine kicked in and said they had a high volume of calls and to call back later.

Below is information when I google the number that called me:

NUMBER 516-209-0005

OTHER FORMATS 5162090005

(516) 209-0005

STATE New York


USAGE Landline

COMPANY New Cingular Wireless PCS – DC

INTRODUCED 01/08/2004

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