Federal reserve bank of New York

Tara –

Victim Location 99016

Total money lost $15,000

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

I received a txt April of last year from Mr. Ian McDonald with the Bank of London, address of Bank, 25 Gresham St. London, ec2v-7hn London United Kingdom. Who also worked in the forgien remmitance department. I have documents from the British Court of London of the amounts of the inheritance. Board of inland Revenue Service: 100 Parlamont St. London, sw1a2bquk. He told me that there was a family member that was killed in a car accident in Nigeria, Africa. He stated that I was the next of kin. I was told to start making payments of $900, $1,345, $2000 my payments varied. Until Money Gram and Western Union let me know that they felt this was a scheme and they refused to let me send money to Nigeria any more. Sometimes I had to go to different sides of town to send money using Western Union in a different place. I have been making payments since last year, for a total thus far of $15,000; supposedly for a hospital bill in which I was informed via txt by a Mr. Ian McDonald, from Nigeria, who worked for the Bank of London. (?) The txt stated that a relative had left an inheritance at their death of 1.8 Million. I was informed I was the next of kin. However there was a hospital bill that I needed to pay first before I was able to claim the inheritance. I was then contacted by a Mr. Gade McCurdy, who stated that he worked at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Mr. Gade’s ph#336.539.1282. Mr. Gade McCurdy told me that I needed to make payments to the Nigerian doctors and nurses that had attended to my relative at the hospital. I was also instructed to send those payments via Western Union and Money Gram, in varied amounts. I have been sending these payments since April of last year. I was getting ready to send the last payment which was for one they said, was for the Final Document, for getting the money to deposit into my bank account. But my neighbor asked me to call the BBB, because he thought it was a scheme.

I also had to sell my car, tools and coin collection, in order to be able to send payments for the hospital bill in Nigeria. I have a truck but is not working and the car was my only transportation. I now on foot, and I have medical problems and is very painful to walk. I also got a hold of volunteer behavorial health services program, I was thinking of sucicide. They are trying to help. I was hoping to get this inheritance in order to put life back in check and to be able to pay all the bills. I was born deaf, german measles.

Terry –

Victim Location 63933

Type of a scam Government Grant

They’re calling me up saying I have free federal grant money. They want you to put $200 on a Steam card and send it to them.

This is the third time they’ve tried to do this.

Carolyn –

Victim Location 95822

Type of a scam Government Grant

Today at 12:52pm and then again at 1:15pm(May 9, 2016) I received a call from a man(1-646-297-3220) with a East Indian accent that told me that I had been chosen to receive $6700 because I pay my bills on time. It was very hard to understand what he was saying because I could hear someone else talking to him when he was talking to me, so I asked him how did you get my number and he replied that the Federal Government had given it to him and he wanted to know how I would like my money sent to me, and then he says that I was to call the Federal Reserve Bank tomorrow and ask for Rose Milton at 1-561-257-3473 and to give her a 6 digit code and she would tell me how to collect my money, but he made it very clear, it was very important that I call this person first thing in the morning. I even asked him is this a scam? He replied no, and said, what reason would I have to scam you? It’s totally legal, I’m not looking for any of your personal information, I just need to know where to send your check. Then he asks what was I going to use the money for? I humored him and said I need to fix my car. Even though I already knew this whole situation was a scam. Next thing he says is "Walgreens" I’m like what about Walgreens? He says oh, you need to go there before you call that number I gave you! I’m like why? Then he started rambling on and I couldn’t understand him, so he says get a green card from Walgreens and then a Western Union, I said to him for what? You just said you were mailing out a check, oh yeah, it’s just a cover fee( $200) for the wire transfer and then you’ll get your money but you have to call the number I gave you and give the 6 digit code. I’m like yeah I’ll take care of that first thing tomorrow. Then he hung up. He really thinks I’m going to do that, no way in hell !!! Then I received 2 more calls from the same number(1-646-297-3220) at 1:37pm and then at 2:30pm I didn’t answer let it go to voicemail but no message was left.

Nikki –

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I RECEIVED THIS EMAIL. "We received a payment credit instruction from Government of Nigeria/Benin Republic to credit your account with the your full inheritance sum of *** *** *** *** *** *** You are by this notice informed that your outstanding payment of *** has been deposited with us. However you are required to pay the only fees/charges of $298 been for the procurement of your funds origin certificate from the government of Benin Republic. Your funds will be transferred to your designated bank account as soon as you comply with our instructions. Meanwhile, you are required to re confirm the following data:

{1} Full name, address and tell/cell and fax #

{2} Means of Identification e.g. Passport photo ID/Drivers License.

{3} Bank details.

Note: We have limited time to finish this transfer as the Federal reserve is not a regular deposit bank. We were only mandated to carry out this particular transaction due to special characteristic of the funds considering the fact that you have been trying to access the funds and have spent a lot of money through other institutions with no avail. This is the available opportunity to enable you get what rightly belong to you. The FBI/Interpol did a very wonderful work by gathering your funds together and mandating us to carry out the transfer by ourselves to ensure transparency and accountability.

The payment information where to wire the needed fees/charges will be sent upon receipt of your reply to this notice.

Matthew Ward

Phone: 646-760-2336

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

33 Liberty Street

New York, NY 1004

Obviously they want to get people’s id

Karl –

Victim Location 01475

Type of a scam Government Grant

A lady called my cell phone and knew all of my information, my name, address etc.. and told me I was selected for a government grant of $9000. All I had to do was call a different # back (202)798-2809 and give them my grant id #, which was MA277. So I called and my 3 options of payment were direct deposit, my credit card, or cash from a money gram at Walmart. I chose cash from money gram cuz I didn’t wanna give any of my bank info and they said to go to the Walmart and as long as I had $299 in my hand and my ID, they would send me the money within 10 mins. I figured it was a scam so I called here and you said it was definitely a scam. The first # they called from was (213)456-6756.

Megan –

Victim Location 84059

Type of a scam Government Grant

They called me and told me I was chosen to win a grant from my government. 8 thousand dollars. Then they have me call another number to get it but then they try to charge me money or give them my account information. They call from two numbers. 1-202-657-6860 and 1-202-000-0010

Mindy –

Victim Location 85382

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by phone that I had a $9,000 government grant waiting for me. I was urged to call the Federal Reserve Bank, part of the Treasury Department, at (202)738-4446 ext 189) and provide my money confirmation number which is: AC377 USG (United States Grants). I was informed of a $210 fee to register with the Federal Reserve Bank. A once in a lifetime fee only to be sent by Money Gram. "Richard Hall" is the "Accounts Manager" whom I spoke to. I kept him on the line for a very long time pretending to be at the CVS store that he actually looked up while we were talking. He tried to get any kind of my account numbers he could. I was persistent in getting the receiver information first and I did. Her name is Jennifer Wright, Orange County, CA.The security question is favorite color and answer is green. This was hilarious. I finally got bored and hung up. I’m going to block the number now.

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