Federal Reserve Grant Program

Danny –

Victim Location 45685

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Government Grant

On Thursday I got a phone call from the Federal Reserve. I spoke to Kevin Walker and Robert Lee. Both had Indian accents. They told me I was eligible for a $9000 grant because I had not filed bankruptcy. They told me if I would get $200 on a Gamestop card they could get started. They told me to go to Krogers. I went to Krogers, through the self-checkout, and purchased a $200 Gamestop card. The man stayed on the phone with me. He told me to go outside and read him the activation numbers and wait 5 minutes. Then he said he was sorry to say the state seized the $9000. He said I would have to pay an additional $900. He asked if I could come up with $150. He said he would put in $150 and that would make it $300 and that may start it. I asked my dad for $150, and he gave it to me. He called back. He said the state would not release the money. I told him I was broke. He said I had to get another $300. I borrowed another $300 from dad. I told him I was getting a $9000 grant. I went back to Krogers and purchased another gift card through self checkout. I called him and gave him the activation numbers. I asked him if he was scamming me. He said it was the Federal Government and it was completely legitimate. He gave him his ID number. He said wait an hour or an hour and a half in order for the clerk to give him the money. I waited an hour and 20 minutes. The scammer called back and said "Sir I am sorry to say that PPI seized the money because they did not want that amount of money to come out without insurance on it." I asked who PPI was. He said it was Property Protection Insurance. He said he needed another $1280. I said everytime we talk you want something. He said I’ll email you papers for what is happening. He said his address was 3439 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 which is a UPS Store. This morning, I got a text message which says "Hi, Jimmy". In total, I went to Krogers and bought 4 GameStop cards for $900. He made it sound so legit. I reported the scam to Gamestop who said the card balances are zero.

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