Anthony –

Victim Location 39212

Type of a scam Debt Collections

When I got the call about my ‘loan’ they used the same script as the legitimate myfedloan company uses. They both ask for either your social security number or the account number. They first asked was my loan over $10,000. The scammer asked for my social first then asked me for the pin number in an email they sent me. So I went to the email and gave it to them only after I said the numbers did I realize the email was a ‘forgot my password’ email. I then realized it was a scam and when I asked them why they needed to change my password. They then gave me some vague explanation saying they could not access my account without it. I then asked other questions and they realized that I knew they were faulty and hung up. I called back multiple times and got hangups or blocks. I used a different number and asked for their manager and they continued with very rude and nonprofessional language and was hung up on for the final time. I was able to log in and change the password but I am still worried about my social.

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