Kelly –

Victim Location 91350

Total money lost $770

Type of a scam Online Purchase

[email protected] is a SCAM . I should of caught on when a girl emailed back after I hit contact under James b about his kittens. However I thought perhaps it was an employee or wife. So I stupidly, trustingly continued. Then she saud that she was in Redding Ca . NOT Santa Barbara as stated. Gave me all the information to place ahold on the cat or buy it for the 650 ,then said it was 120 to deliver her to me.

So I wired the money, she came back and said it did not go in her bank cause she accidentally gave me her name instead of her moms and to please rewire it. I said no not till it’s back in my acc. It went back into my acc. So I trusted her and wired it again to the same acc with a different name from Patricia Day to a Jodi N. Hansen. When the wire posted to her acc then she said she would take the 10 week old munchkin kitten to the delivery service with the 120 I gave her. She sent me pictures of her and a animal crate at a shipping place. Then said they will contact me with time of delivery.

They sent a hokey email. That said my cat had dog shots and need to have another 375 to get her to me safely pay through pay pal to another acc. And it would be returned soon delivery of my cat. I emailed Patricia back and told her this was Not in the agreement and that she needed to do what she said for the amount she said. She returned with ,I need to pay it and it will be refunded when the cat arrives.

I have requested her to refund my money and go get the kitten so it doesn’t sit there all night . There is no response. I’m very sad and sickened by this I have all the emails and photos. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else looking to love a new family member.

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