Ferrer Pharmaceuticals

Seth –

Victim Location 33760

Type of a scam Employment

They tried scamming my boyfriend with an offer of employment. They emailed him saying they found his resume on ziprecruiter and that they wanted to schedule an interview on google hangouts or skype at 8 am. There was no video portion to the interview- just them typing to each other. Interview questions were pretty generic. They told him at the end of the interview that they wanted to hire him. He was to sign on the next day at 8 am to start his training. They advertised $21/hr for training and $45/hr after training was complete. They said it was a full time position with paid vacation, medical, dental, life insurance, the works. They also said that he would work from home as they haven’t opened any physical locations in the US (Ferrer is a real pharma company in Spain). During the interview the only thing they asked about was his name, address, and what bank he used. They didn’t ask for any account info or SSN. They said he will have to buy the software, but that they will reimburse him for it. If you haven’t read, that’s how the scammers make the money. They own the vendors you buy from, send you a fake check to "reimburse" you, and then disappear. The next morning, they sent him a job offer letter asking him to sign, scan, and return. It was riddled with grammatical errors, so we wondered if they didn’t have any native English speakers on their team (which is obviously insane for a multinational pharma company). The "name" of the person he was corresponding with was Mr. Jim Aris, or something like that. The domain was not the same domain as Ferrer (I applied directly to Ferrer myself to see what would happen) and he didn’t have a phone number. At this point we did some research (thanks BBB!) and realized it’s scam.

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