Hector –

Victim Location 78747

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I received a postcard from "The Home Depot" promising a complimentary $20 Gift Certificate. It reads on the back "DO NOT TAKE THIS CARD TO A RETAIL LOCATION IT MUST BE REDEEMED BY CALLING (800) 914-4214.

this struck me as odd, so I tossed it aside for a few days. Cut to yesterday, we were about to go to our local Home Depot to make a few purchases, so we decided to use this card.

I called the number, and was redirected in an odd manner (confused sounding person who then realized what I was calling about and connected me to a different person.) When I spoke to a man who mumbled something about his business came, he said something along the lines of "FFF Water" something,something. He said we would receive the coupon after completing a "home water test to check for water hardness" that was absolutely free and we would receive said gift card regardless of what direction we went with the check or not.

He was adamant that both my wife and I were home for the test. I said she would not be available tomorrow (today) and he was adamant she needed to be there. Which was another red flag. At this point I really should have hung up, but I didn’t.

I thought about it some more last night and this morning, and it just didn’t sit well with me. I called them back and after 3 unsuccessful tries, I got the voice recorder "You’ve called FFF, please leave a message." I tried a 4th time and finally spoke to a woman who sounded equally as confused as yesterday until she finally realized what I was talking about and kept trying to get me to keep the appointment. I finally told her I absolutely wanted to cancel it. She complied.

I then called Home Depot’s customer service dept, and told them about it, and then decided to contact the BBB.

I’ve attached pictures of both sides of the postcard.

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