Fifth Third Bank spoof

Christine –

Victim Location 28025

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Identity Theft

On October 25th I received a phone call from the bank Fifth Third and my phone records prove this was the number that called me. The person said that they were an employee of Fifth Third and was I in West Virgina or did I know anyone named Bethany Smith. I said I wasn’t in WV and I didn’t know this person. He had my full name, social, address, and online banking user name and password. He sent me a text which I repeated to him and then one thousand dollars was deducted from my account. Now my bank won’t give me my money back for 30 days and had denied my initial dispute saying it was my IP that logged in and my phone number that received the text message. It is going to be a long road I had to file a police report, contact my cell phone company to prove who called me and now I am writing the to warn give no information over the phone no matter what. When in doubt hang up and call the bank yourself.

Kurt –

Victim Location 45044

Type of a scam Phishing

They called me first on Sunday morning at 8a.m. and I wouldn’t talk to them because so early. They called me this morning 10-7 at 9:09a.m. 8596474210 and he asked me if I was who I was. I verified. He said this is Fifth Third and I am calling to speak with *** and let me know call would be recorded/monitored and he asked me to verify my date of birth and I refused. I said I was not going to verify and he said can you just verify your address, and I asked what this was about he said you can find at at or call them back at their number, and so I hung up. It was a foreign Middle-eastern accent.

Jose –

Victim Location 45419

Type of a scam Phishing

Someone called my house, there was a recording that said I may have overpaid my utility bill and they wanted to be sure I was aware of it. Again, this was a recording. When I called the number back, they didn’t answer the phone by stating they were Fifth Third Bank, they just said hello and just talked very generically. We weren’t sure what the scam was but I also called my branch bank and they were unaware of anything of this nature.

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