Financial Aid Department

Devon –

Victim Location 34234

Type of a scam Government Grant

The person called and stated the were calling from the Financial Aid Dept. That I was selected to receive Financial Aid but didn’t have to actually attend school or sign up for school. Then read me my address and asked for my D.O.B. then just jumped into telling me how to answer questions I would be asked by the Education Dept. He told me to say I was interested in on campus and online so I vould get double the money but again said I never had to go to school. So I told them I knew this was a scam and hung up(as I’ve been getting them from all over stating it was the Grant dept, etc.).He told me not to say thats its a scam and threatened to report me to the police, so I became upset a d told him I wish he would and to stop bothering me. He then told me not to speak to him like that and that he would [censored] me up so I laughed and hung up. Not sure what info be was going to ask for if I would have believed him but beware!

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