Kendra –

Victim Location 80104

Type of a scam Phishing


We’ve been notified that ? PAYMENT may have ARRIVED for YOU via the

linked window.

Proceed there now to request what’s been reserved in your name.

Thank You Again!


Over 30 billion dollars is being held in federal and state accounts!

How Would You Use Your Payment?

I will not include the link because it is simply a way for the email phisher to know that your email is a legitimate email with a real person on the other end. At which point I am sure your information will go out to all the scammers hosted on the SaleThru scammers SaaS web hosting service platform. We need this platform shut down now. This is going to get bad if people start responding to the phishing. It is very obvious by the English grammar used that this is a foreign national probably "Indian". There is no legitimate business that bombards your email with to good to be true offers and free money.

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