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Casey – Sep 07, 2020

*not a bad review*
All the bad reviews you see online are either racist, posted because people didnt actually pay attention to the fine print, or because they didnt read the original posting.
Found finders house after seeing an ad on craigslist and went to look at the house before i called to make sure
Property had forclosure and court summons on the door, was very weeded up, etc
Called the number and was helped by two very kind people who walked us through the entire process
Paid $69 for a month membership that gives me access to info from when the house was built to who the trustee is, the forclosure timeline, etc.
am currently working with the trustee to get the home

Walter – Jun 30, 2020

I saw a house for rent on Craigslist and I drove over to see it. There were no signs outside that it was for sale or rent and it looked occupied. I called the number on the Craigslist ad and got on hold for a company called The recording while on hold stated that “some of their listings can be rent-to-own through their company. After a walk-thru you could move as fast as 3 days later.” I talked to the person who answered (he had a heavy accent) and he texted me the link to their website. I found the house on their site and it said to get more info and photos you have to sign up and pay a fee. The choices are 1 month for $99 or 2 months for $129.
DO NOT PAY THIS SCAM COMPANY! THIS NONSENSE COMPANY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RENTING, SELLING, LANDLORDS, REAL ESTATE, DEEDS, BANKS, ETC.! WHAT THEY DO IS LIST ADDRESSES EACH WITH 1 PHOTO OF HOUSES THAT THEY *THINK* ARE IN FORECLOSURE. THEY HAVE A 5 STEP GUIDE & A VIDEO. STEP ONE IS TO KNOCK ON THE DOOR AND ASK THE HOMEOWNER FOR A TOUR OF THE HOUSE! Good way to get beat up or arrested or killed. Who would ever do this? I lost my $99 the beginning of May 2020 and now at the end of June 2020 I see that they changed their website to takeover.home and there is a different video. SCAM!

Eduardo – Jul 24, 2020

Why does it even matter that they had a “heavy accent” though?

Martin – May 03, 2020

Scammer’s phone 18444102663

Scammer’s website Finders

Country United States

Type of a scam Rental

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Paid the $129 for 2 months and they did not give any owner info on home. Called customer service and they will not assist you with anything. They barely know English on the phone and take your money and it’s a huge scam.

Devin – May 03, 2020

Found an ad on Craigslist. Got a call and paid $129 for 2 months to get info on a preforclosure home, they walked me through the registration process and I logged in. None of the owners info is on the site as they claimed. I called back and the guy told me that I had to call back monday because he had no info for the owner. I had to call customer service. This morning I got an email saying I had to purchase “search credits” in order to look up owner info. I asked the guy on the phone and he didn’t know what to say. Said he could only sign me up and not help me since I already paid the $129! HUGE SCAM DO NOT FALL FOR IT LIKE I DID YESTERDAY.

Samantha – May 03, 2020

Ad on Craigslist, very cheap “rent to own” in good neighborhood. Ad says “Taking over payments available As low as $577 Monthly. Credit score is not a big issue. Low income okay. Call for fast approval. Just have a source of income to qualify.Please call for more Information 323 616 2220”

Called number and was told the rent is actually 272/month because you pay the bank directly. Supposed preforeclosure house. They want you to sign up on their website for $99 to gain access to the owner contact info, and arrange to pay back payments on their mortgage – complete and total scam.
I hung up on them after about three questions. Wish Craigslist would bar this type of ad, makes for a very unpleasant experience.

Cassandra – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 14304

Total money lost $105

Type of a scam Rental

My fiancé and I used Craigslist to search for a rent to own home. We found one and the number on the site told us to go to We paid 105 dollars to see the information for the house. I called an actual realtor from Zillow and they told us the property wasn’t even on the market. I contacted local authorities about it. We want our money back. The house address is 149 campbell rd Cheektowaga ny.

Jake – Apr 13, 2020

Scammer’s phone 18444102663

Scammer’s website Finders House

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I was looking on craiglist. About finding house to rent.$ 99 membership I called to cancel and said couldn’t cancel.i wish I check their reviews first and then I would of known it was a fraud and scam.

Ricardo –

Victim Location 97211

Type of a scam Rental

I found a couple of different places on craigslist I called the number they were instructing me to do a membership telling me that I did not need to have a good report or a bad credit report to be able to rent on telling me the membership is $129 for two months and another membership is $200 for four monthsI was called back on the phone when I sent the email asking more questions about the program the guy called me and said he would direct me through setting up to have a membership and that he will call back tomorrow to finish helping with setting up membership

Kelly –

Victim Location 20024

Total money lost $129

Type of a scam Rental


Ramon –

Victim Location 08641

Type of a scam Rental

I found this add on Craigslist and called the number to find out that I would have to pay 99 dollar fee to get address of 2 homes I wanted to rent. After reading the other post I quickly realized it was a scam to access my funds. I didn’t pay but have wasted time and effort believing these homes were really up for rent to own.

Renee –

Victim Location 76006

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Rental

I saw a post online about a listing that was available for a rent to own option (the post was created on 9/6/18). I call to inquire about it and was told the listing was still available. From there I was instructed on how to get registered for their site in order to start the process. The registration was $99 but if the listing was available I was willing to pay that much for the deal being offered. Once I made the payment I was able to log on and get the details for the property only to find out it was not available. I called to complain that I was misled and was told the only way to get a refund was to be denied by 5 of their listed properties but the catch is that all of the listings in my area was expired and unavailable so there is no way to get the 5 denials and get a refund or even a place to live. I truly believe this is a scam

Nicholas –

Victim Location 43035

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Moving

Originally started with a craigslist ad showing a house for rent and a number to call. We soon learned it was a company that rents out pre-foreclosure homes. Or so they said.. you have to apply for their website through the phone so there are no available terms and conditions to read. It is a $99 website fee per month to view homes on the site. They do not provide accurate information on the site for homes and no contact information for the owners. You have to email them directly to ask for the owners information. We called the first house’s owners information only to find out, one they are absolutely not selling there house and two they do not appreciate this site listing their property as "pre-foreclosure" and giving out their personal information. Once we realized the numbers for the other homes did not work or were also people not selling their homes we decided to log onto our account to cancel. Only to find that the site was denying our access. Included is the sites listing for a home. Not included is the top of the listing which has the homeowners address and fake price.

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