First Class Pro Diet or AmaranthCream on statement

Geoffrey – Oct 10, 2020

I received a package of eight bottles of diet pills that I did not order from First Class Pro Diet. After researching the company, I learned of the scam and found a charge of $265.95 on my credit card from “Eternal Muscle Pro.” I called the number associated with the charge and spoke with “Kelly.” She refused to name her employer and would only say she was located in upstate New York. She pressured me to “admit” that I had ordered the pills, saying that if I did so, she could process a refund. I refused. She warned me that making a fraud allegation was serious and would involve trials and lawyers. I still refused to admit something that was not true. She said my complaint would be sent to their fraud investigation team and she’d be locked out of my account; yet, she refused to give me a ticket number for my claim or contact information for their fraud department. … I filed a dispute with my credit card, canceled my card and ordered a new one; I filed a complaint with the BBB and will file one next with the FTC. Shame on this company.

Omar – Oct 07, 2020

Hi, I had the same problem everyone states. The craziest thing is that they have all of my info: address, credit card number, my full name, phone number.
So scary. I even called to find out and they even sent me a cancellation text for the “trial”.
What can we do to stop this?

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Jillian – Oct 05, 2020

six bottles of Keto and one of something else shipped USPS Priority Mail to me. I did not order…or in fact, had ever heard of this company or product before. Having to freeze company card and get a new one because of this. This company is a scam/ripoff! They need to go to jail!

Alexander – Sep 22, 2020

Scammer’s phone 8334232629

Scammer’s address PO Box 4747 Norcross GA 30091

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I didn’t order these! Just appeared at my house! Don’t know when it all happened!

Ross – Sep 19, 2020

I received an alert on 9/13/20 on my credit card of a $200 charge from Scarlet Enhanced Muscle which I did not recognize. There was a phone number associated with the charge,so I called it. Spoke to a person who identified herself as “Kelly” and explained that I was hit with a charge that I didn’t recognize and she proceeded to assure me that I did in fact place an order for Keto Diet pills. She also wanted to know how I found out so fast that my card was charged. I told her again that I did not place any order for any diet pills. She then went on to suggest that I forgot I placed the order, and that I should keep the pills that were being sent out so that I could loose weight. Again, told her nope and that I was going to call my cc company to dispute the charge and that I was locking my card immediately. Things got nasty quickly. She informed me that they were going to call in law enforcement and that I would not be able to dispute the charge. I countered and told her I would contact law enforcement as well about this fraudulent charge and hung up. Received a return phone call a few minutes later which I let go to voice mail. I have a recorded message from her stating that I was getting a full refund and that there was no need to contact my credit card company after all! Well,still reported them to my cc company and now see that there are various complaints against them for doing the exact same thing to many other people! By the way, I did receive a package with Keto diet pills, from First Class Pro Diet and threw them out! Warning to all to sign up for immediate alerts on credit card charges! Had I not called right away this could have been much worse.

Roy – Aug 31, 2020

I saw a charge on my credit card statement for $257.68 from “CADET CLEANSE EAGLE MOUNTAI UT ” when reviewing charges after my credit card was hacked. A package arrived with 6 bottles First Class Pro Diet products.

I emailed the email account listed on the packing slip and said there was a mistake and they needed to refund the money and give me a mailing label to return it free of charge. They ignored me until my followup reply saying that this must be fraud.

I got a phone call in which they said that if I claimed that it was an order I’d placed, and I wanted to return it, then they’d refund my money — but that if I didn’t lie and say that, then they’d submit it to the fraud department and law enforcement would be involved. They said I’d need to hire a lawyer. I said this was obviously fraud on their part, and I wasn’t going to lie.

They put me on hold for about a minute, came back and said “We will be processing your refund”. I just checked and there is a NEW charge for $257.68 pending!

Tina – Aug 06, 2020

I ordered from this company online. They said my products were on the way but did not receive any. Had signed up for the supposedly TRIAL bottle of the Keto supplements and was charged on my credit card for 6. Shocked and upset about the whole thing. Phoned customer service and pressed 2 and was disconnected and didn’t even talk to anyone. I need to report these people. They need to be arrested and sent to jail.

Erin – Jul 29, 2020

Same thing happened to me. I think these scammers are out of Pleasent Grove, UT

The sell via illegal spam texting in violation of 47 USC 227. This is a huge scam. Darin Toone is the scammer in charge of the criminal operation.

Pedro – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 54914

Total money lost $340

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I saw two pending charges on my credit card that I did not make from AmaranthCream AZ for about $170 each. I then received an email from First Class Pro Diet that stated my products have been shipped, but I did not order any products. I called the number and it was a generic "Thanks for calling customer service" but did not state a name. I selected option 2 for help with an order. The guy that answered said "Thanks for calling customer service, can I have your name to look up your account" I asked him what company he worked for. He said "We represent a lot of company, I need a name to look up which one you are calling about" I again asked him who employs him, what company does HE work for. He gave me the same line. I told him I received fraudulent charges, am reporting him to the police and BBB.

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