First Grad Aid

Javier –

Victim Location 85742

Type of a scam Other

My daughter and I have been trying to consolidate or to see if the loan would qualify for loan forgiveness. My daughter gave me a phone number and said that this person would help us. Not thinking of scams, I called and things went sour. They fast talked me into signing documents to support me and then they turned over to a "counselor". Although, this never happened as the transfers never went through, after three hours on the phone, I gave up. During the night, I woke up thinking about this situation, which lead me to reading several comments about them from the BBB. In the morning, I called them to cancel the agreement…they would not do it. The rest is history…I have not received any services from this company and they took my $899. I have called but the phone numbers are not working and emailed several times without any returned.

Ross –

Victim Location 84015

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They tell you that GCU has been sued by the Federal Government for over charging students, and with the settlement of GCU and Obama’s relief for students that have low income, they can forgive my student loans. They have you give them your personal information to fill out the forms to have them access your student loan information, such as your SS #, then, without you giving them a pin number, they are able to pull up how many loans you have and the amounts. And tell you that you qualify to have all your student loans forgiven. However, they need to take money from your account to process this transaction for three months. My amount was suppose to be $233.00 taken from my debit card for three months, taken out on the thirtieth of each month, then my balance was suppose to be $0.00 for 240 months, or 120 months if I was a public service worker. They pulled up my esignature from my FASFA account and had me use this to esign a made up contract. Which gave them temporary "power of attorney" to access my bank accounts, for the process of paying off my student loans.

I was directed to talk to another person because I work for the school systems, this lady did not want me to talk long, and asked me if she I was done asking questions so she could hang up. The gentle man that I had originally Talked to gave me a different # to call which was suppose to be his direct line if I had any more questions, When I called back to ask some more questions, someone else answered the direct line and said, that they could not direct the phone call to him because there are several people that work for this company and they did not know everyone. (This was a big red flag to me) I began researching the company and what signs to look for in a loan forgiveness scam, and this company fit all the criteria for a scam. 1. It was on Facebook. 2. they had me sign a power of attorney . 3. they wanted money up front. 4. When I emailed them to cancel, they said, that I had to pay the whole amount of $37,800. 00 right now if I did not stay with them. I had already filed a police report and checked to see if any movement had been done on my student loans. I closed my credit card and they said nothing had been taken out as of yet. My loan is a federal student loan and they cannot access it. A power of attorney needs to be stamped and approved by a notary of Republic.

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