First National Collection Bureau, Inc.

Marcus –

Victim Location 93004

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First National Collection Bureau has been sending harassment mail to me for years. One of their representatives has also made a threatening telephone call to me in years past. When I told him I know he is working for a scam organization, I am not going to give them my money and I want them to stop harassing me, his response was hostile and completely inappropriate. They claim that I owe $1370.16 to "LVNV Funding LLC", "General Electric Capital Corporation" and "JC Penney Cons". I don’t think I have ever had any sort of account with JC Penney and I have no idea what the other two entities are or if they’re even legitimate businesses. The most recent letter I received is addressed to someone with a name quite similar to mine, but with a different middle initial and a slightly different version of my maiden name. (I will not include identifying information about myself, but supposing my name happened to be "Ellen E. Harrison", the letter they sent is addressed to the equivalent of "Ellen F. Harris".) I am tired of receiving harassment from these unscrupulous individuals. Thank you for anything you can do to prevent them from further bothering innocent people!

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