Fit to ride saddles

Kaitlin –

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Other

I took two saddles on trial after sending detailed drawings. Neither saddle was even close to fitting. I was lead to believe *** *** was a certified saddle fitter but now she won’t tell me where she was certified.

I returned the saddles and she stated I scratched one of them and had to pay her $500 or else I could own the saddle. I asked for an independent evaluation she said no and told me tough luck I owned the saddle now.

She sells on kiijji. She sells herself as specializing in wide horses. The saddle was only being sold for $950 and is older and well used. The scratches were very minor and could easily be buffed out. I asked my saddle fitter and she said the scratches were so minor it had no effect on this particular saddles value. Easy way to sell a saddle. I’m also out shipping costs both ways. Scratches are on the knee roll.

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