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Alison –

Total money lost $1,345

Type of a scam Employment

A representative by the name of Cathy Beeker sent an email with a work from home job offer (one that I never applied to) that sounded way to good to be true. There was no interview and they wanted to hire me ASAP. The contact number listed was never answered and the voicemail was automated. After accepting the job, they requested that I create a yahoo account. They sent me a check to use for supplies I would need to work from home, the check was fraud and I was held accountable for it with my bank.

Caleb –

Type of a scam Employment

It starts off like this.

-Good day! My name is Cathy Beek am an HR manager at Five Star Consulting.

Five Star Consulting is glad to welcome you.

Five Star IT Consulting provides enterprise-grade IT support for small and midsize businesses. We help your company get more IT bang for your business buck, tackling network and application issues and resolving user woes all while minimizing outages and driving your IT budget down. Five Star IT Consulting is a well established company providing a wide-ranging(and growing) portfolio of services.

Clients approach us with many objectives: to evaluate and improve their existing infrastructure, optimise information flow and reduce the hassle of daily activity, outsource their IT support and take advantage of the Internet-based technologies which are transforming the way we all do business.

Bottom line: Five Star IT Consulting makes sure that your IT works for your business and not the other way around.

We have a job offer for you. Currently we have an open 3 position of an Online Service Manager. We are always interested in finding warm, people-oriented to join Five Star IT team.

About Online Service Managen position:

Online service manager performs tasks in the Internet similar to ones performed by customer service representatives. However, as managers, they also supervise other client service representatives. In general, representatives work to ensure clients’ satisfaction with organization’s products and services. They are often the primar point of contact for a client or customer. Their job assignments include directing and controlling the process and fulfilment of orders, fielding customer inquiries, and resolving customer complaints.

If you are interested in this position and you are ready to become a successful manager with the opportunity for career growth together with Five Star IT Consulting, please reply this mail and we will begin your employment.

If you are not interested, please let us know also, and we will not bother you again.


Hello, we have opened 3 vacancies for the position "ONLINE SERVICE MANAGER". Registration processes of new employees going via e-mail. So we are looking for new employees. We need a person who will keep in touch with our customers and clients. You need to build mutual dialogue and keep working etiquette. You have to be online, it won’t take much time to communicate with the customer, you just have to check your email or get SMS notification with detailed instructions. You will working online at your home and you don’t have to relocate.

You can take more information about company on website. Website is

Interview: You will get the interview at the office as soon as you pass probation period or you can get interview through a video-conference on Skype.


1. Neat appearance, good communication skills;

2. Stress resistance, ability to find easy solutions to difficult problems;

3. Organizational skills that will help successfully plan the day;

4. Knowledge of the PC and basic knowledge at using Microsoft Office(Word and Excel);

5. Must be willing to work extra hours when there are operational needs.

6. Be responsible, to do the task in exact dates.


1. Market monitoring;

2. Realization of customer orders;

3. Collect information about the client;

4. Personnel handling (search for qualified staff);

5. Incoming outgoing calls, sms;

5. Work with Word, Excel (make reports).


1. Full Training;

2. Health and Dental Insurance;

3. 25 days of holiday;

4. Growing opportunities;

5. Flexible Working-hours.


1. W?r?ing days: Monday – Friday

2.1 Working hours (full time position): 9 AM – 5 PM.

2.2 If you choose position of Part Time, you need to work at least 4 hours a day, it is advisable to start the morning.

Salary base:

The Company shall pay Employee a Full-Time salary of 1340 CAD/week, for the services of the Employee, payable at regular every Friday at 6 pm.

The Company shall pay Employee a Part-Time salary of 670 CAD/week, for the services of the Employee, payable at regular every Friday at 6 pm.

About your probation period:

At first you’ll pass a probationary period, which goes 10 days. You will perform a simple task, so that we can help you and give advice on the example of simple tasks. You’ll be doing it online at your home area and you don’t need to relocate. I will give instructions to you so that you can successfully go through that. During the probation period, we will teach you.

During the probation period, you will get a pay. We will pay you 1140 CAD/week for a Full-Time position and 570 CAD/week for a Part-Time.

I am your personal manager and all questions you can ask for me.

I will be able to answer any questions that you have and will help you in all your beginnings.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cathy Beek

HR Manager


[email protected]


after this they make you sign some bull[censored] agreement that’s copy and pasted with an email saying

Hello, i congratulate you! We chose you. You need to fill out the employment agreement on the instructions. Please see attached document.

You have to:

1. Read the Labor Agreement carefully.

2. Print out the Labor Agreement.

3. Fill in your information at the bottom.

4. Put your signature at the bottom.

5. Make quality photo or scan and send it to me.

You should comply with the terms of this agreement, in particular, start your working day without delay, be in touch with your manager constantly (It’s me Cathy Beek), perform all tasks quickly and efficiently. In case of failure of your duties, your trial period breaks and we terminate our agreement.

Your duties for trial period:

1) Be in touch with your manager (via email) constantly. I am interested in your success as well as you. I am responsible for you and your success.

2) Keep your mobile phone switched on (all the time of your work)

3) During the working day, you can not engage in side issues which hinders your work.

4) Strictly perform tasks (it will affect to decision about your permanent employment).

5) Make a report of each done task.

During the probation period, you will get a pay. We will pay you 1140 CAD/week for a Full-Time position and 570 CAD/week for a Part-Time.

You should check your email constantly throughout the day and quickly response to my messages, because I’m your manager and I have a few people in this position and I communicate via e-mail only. I am your mentor, I am interested in your success as well as you when you go through the trial period. So i need you to connect your phone to Internet connection to receive my messages without delays. To proceed with your registration process, please find the attached file, print it and fill in the Labor Agreement, then, send it back.

No matter what you ask them or say anything they will not reply to your questions they just send another copy and pasted message

Dear Ronny,

Your first task is create a Yahoo Messenger account!

Steps of creating a Yahoo Messenger account:

1.1) If you already have Yahoo ID, go to step 4.

1.2) If you haven’t got Yahoo ID, than go to

2) Press to "Create Account"

3) Text your first name, last name, new yahoo id, password, mobile phone number and birth date.

4) Log in to your messenger account on

5) Start a new conversation(image of pencil).

6) Text my Yahoo ID. It’s: [email protected]

7) Wait for my reply.

Also you can download Yahoo Messenger to your smartphone, tab or desktop.

This will allow me to respond more quickly to your messages.

I will wait your reply!

. this is where i stopped and didn’t go further as i knew it was a scam.

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