Fix it Fast Global LLC

Jake –

Victim Location 98662

Total money lost $219.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I first called what I thought was Yahoo. com to renew my subscription …… They referred me to their affiliate Co.

which is ….. FIX It Fast GLOBAL LLC { Phone No. 1-833-685-0366 Ext.116 ) They told me to turn

on my computer To Yahoo and then they were into my computer I They had me write out a

check payable to YAHOO & place it on the computer screen facing in …. they then zapped the

info off of my check into their office. The amount of the payment was $219.99 .I told them I

wanted to retain my previous account as I had some valuable info. On it I They said they would I

I checked my E-mail 3 days later and it had all been wiped out II then called Fix it fast Global

and Yahoo and told them since they could not restore my E-mails ,I waned to cancel Yahoo and

requestd a complete REFUND II have called both YAHOO and Fix it fast Global and they said

they had sent a refund payment to my bank ( This was an outright lie because no payment was

made to my bank I I The second time I called Fix it Fast Global LLC they Got into my computer

and completely WIPED IT OUT II Now I am not only out the initial payment of $219.99 but the

cost to repair my computer which will be about $350.00.

The name of the person I spoke to at Fix it FAST GLOBAL was JOHN TAYLOR. and he is the one

that tried to tell me that they had sent me a check ( to my bank) for $2199.99 by mistake and

he wanted me to send them a check for $1980.99 They made no such payment ! I What I want

to know is how in the world can the Federal Trade Commission Allow companies as crooked as

these people are to operate. Since they claimed they overpaid me( which was a lie as

they made no refund payments at all, they had the gall to ask me to send them a payment

using gift cards from any local store to repay them for the over payment they had sent to me

!!My God, how crooked can they get Ill They also had the gall to ask me for my bank card and

security code number and of course I refused to do that , I can’t believe how crooked these

people are!

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