Courtney –

Victim Location 99610

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I did a web search for chow chow puppies for sale at https://marketplace.akc.org/puppies and this web site came up. flamingstarchowz.com

came up. The web site looked good, requirements for adopting a puppy were similar to my past experience. (contract, request for information about what the puppies new home will be like, did I want to pick the puppy up or have the puppy flown to me, even had a coupon to fly the puppy with United to my home in Alaska. I checked out United and they do in fact fly puppies to Alaska. The puppy was coming from a family breeder, not a show breeder, so the lower price did not surprise me. Paying for the puppy before it was shipped was something I had done in the past with home breeders, unlike show breeders who want you to pick up the puppy and sign papers and pay at the time of pick up. I purchased a puppy from a home breeder in 1999, Dutch Harbor to Anchorage, flown to me pre paid, not problem. They did not have a web site, the advertised in the news paper, but web sites have become the common place to shop. It occurred to me it could be a scam, too many puppies of too many colors and numbers for on chow chow litter, but the have a link on their website that they do not endorse scams, and they have a lot of people to testified they were happy with their puppies. I did not realize I was scammed until I clicked the button to pay them $750 on Google Pay. I never heard from them again, and they never responded to my emails to return my money or send me the puppy. I was a fool, I know that now. I received nothing for my $750

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