Flex Business Solutions aka BF Solutions AG LLC

Raul –

Victim Location 10011

Type of a scam Employment

This company called Flex Business Solutions or BF Solutions AG LLC contacted me via email after I contacted them about a Job posting on Indeed. The job title was called Procurement Manager. They were offering to pay me $8600 a month plus commissions from 2% to 15%. They were also offering benefits including Medical and dental. They sent me 5 different documents with the job description and commission table. They were to pay me $4600 after the 1st two weeks via a check and then pay me with direct deposit going forward. They basically wanted to see how many orders I could fill in the first two weeks and then they would decide whether or not to bring me on full time. They offered to pay mileage and also give me a credit card after the first two weeks to purchase items such computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets. I was then to ship this product to a central US location and they would be shipped over sea. They said I could purchase all of it locally and because of taxation this would save the consumer in Europe money verses them purchasing it over the internet. The documents were full of grammar errors and the constantly tried to convince me that the company was legitimate by putting their name change with the state of New York. I tried to research them through you guys at the BBB and the FTC and could find nothing about the company. Their website also has nothing to do with procurement of goods. It is a real company that is the human resources business. I also have Madeline Green’s( supposed supervisor) phone number which is 646-583-1901. She left me a few voicemails but they were not able to be heard because of the phone connection. I am sure they send you money and ask you to spend your own money to be reimbursed and because the commission is so good on $15,000 they get a ton of free electronics and never reimburse you. I also tried contacting the landlord of the building they were supposedly head quartered in. I did not get a response. This has to be a scam.

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