Katherine –

Victim Location 76092

Total money lost $29.95

Type of a scam Romance

I was truly tricked into joining this website cause I believed that I was being messaged by this very attractive female saying that she lives close to me in my city of residence., after reviewing the message I went to this website and signed up so that I could write her back and make a connection with her. The membership fee was $29.95 for one month and each and every month they will automatically renew it meaning they will charge your card again on or before the day you made your first purchase. I make the payment and I go to my message and write her back i write back everyone who has written me and flirted with me and that number comes to about 17- 28 now since I’ve written them break I have not gotten one Single message from anyone on that site not even a hi but before I made that payment I was getting hit up left and right non stop but now that they have received payment communications have stopped totally, this site is a huge Ripoff/Scam I would love to get my money back for this waste of time false advertising website.

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