Flower delivery express

Tabitha –

Victim Location 36695

Total money lost $43

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers online from Flower Delivery Express. The entire time, the total was supposed to be $38.99. I got to the end and submitted my order, but apparently the previous total had changed from that to $82.04. They had added a $9 handling fee, $13.99 sales fee, and a few other fees that were never mentioned previously. I never received a receipt of my order on my email and when I said I wanted to track my order, hoping to cancel it, the email they claimed to have sent never came. I emailed them and called them three times and was told repeatedly while on hold that I would be answered in one minute. I called well within business hours and not during anyone’s lunch break. I got very concerned and I looked them up to see other people’s experience with the company. Apparently, this has happened to a lot of other people, unknown fees, terrible customer service, and sometimes, no flower delivery. Those that are lucky enough to have a representative pick up have problems with getting them to cancel their order. They even try to charge for a cancellation even if it is well before the date it was meant to be delivered. I am a college student who was trying to buy her mom flowers for Mother’s Day. I cannot afford $82.04, and I am desperately trying to find a way to cancel the order and get a full refund, but given past experience with other customers, things are not looking up.

Martha –

Victim Location 53211

Total money lost $135

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Flower Delivery Express is running a scam where they indicate that the customer gets a huge discount on flowers with free delivery. Then, they provided what appears to be the total charges. When you confirm the purchase, they add-on tons of charges, nearly doubling what you intended to pay. When you try to cancel order, you cannot cancel. My first order was in October 2015. I thought I may have misunderstood the discount terms, that the discount may apply to my 2nd order which I placed yesterday. Once again, they doubled the charges. I contacted my credit card company who did a conference call with FDE and witnessed how horrible FDE is so a dispute charge is filed. Today, I did a search on FDE customer reviews and was horrified to see how many people are being scammed! Here is a link to the reviews: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Flower_Delivery_Express

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 27610

Total money lost $68.76

Type of a scam Other

The company is called flowerdeliveryexpress.com. The entire ordering process it tells you the price of the product, then when you go to finalize the order you get a pop up saying you saved xx amount of money, click to confirm your order. As soon as you do, the price doubles but it’s too late because they’ve already charged you. So immediately after I call the number and am connected to a call center overseas and she says she can’t do anything about it and no one else there can. I call back in the morning and the flowers weren’t even delivered when they were supposed to be and this time I get the same call center but she says she can connect me to someone who can cancel. It either cuts off or goes to an answering machine saying they’ll call back, but the don’t and I paid for flowers that weren’t delivered and given the run around. I later looked at reviews to find hundreds of other complaints with the same exact experience and everyone is having to contact their banks to file a claim because you can never speak with anyone to do it for you.

Ivan –

Victim Location 95075

Total money lost $98

Type of a scam Credit Cards

my friend ordered flowers from flower delivery express for our best friends birthday and they were suppose to be delivered today and they weren’t. so my friend called and the women who helped her refused to give her name and told her that they stopped delivering at 6pm when they had guaranteed delivery today. they also told her that the flowers might be delivered tomorrow 12-5. the price of the flowers were suppose to be $60 but when she checked her account they charged her $98 instead and when she tried to talk to a supervisor she was told one was not available and to call back tomorrow to talk to one. on top of that the women who was helping her had hung up on her three times. there are multiple reviews on yelp stating that every one else was scammed as well and never received their orders and had a hard time getting a hold of anyone.

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