FMRS Health Systems

Adrienne – Oct 19, 2020

Thank you, mine was a similar experience with the text from same nr from supposedly Beacon hr who named herself as Kathrine Coggins. She’s given me a skype name to add which was Steven Calhoun
“Here is the Hiring Manager Steven Calhoun screen name: ( live:.cid.d4e176d351eb5a28 )”Send him an invite / message and let him know you are ready to proceed”. Then it all followed just as you’re describing, except for I was asked if I owned a printer/scanner. Then the interviewer proceeded to tell me they’ll send a check for me to buy equipment. It all happen through skype messaging, unusual for a job interview. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Terrance – Apr 21, 2020

This company is a SCAM! Pouler Root claims to be from HR and I didn’t think about it, I thought he was a legit person. But I suddenly decide to look up his name and here he shows up on scam pulse. Thank You to the previous person who reported this because I would’ve done whatever that man said.

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