Fora Financial

Taryn –

Victim Location 27587

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Flora Financial sent me H.S.H. Aviation Solutions a Credit Card in the mail, with an activation code enclosed. I have never had contact with this company, and I am sure this is is illigeal on the part of Fora Financial to send out a credit card with out H.S.H. Aviation Solutions consent. When I Called the 1-855-326-8525 number I talked with a Fora Rep. to make sure this account would be closed and would never be activated, the Fora Rep. insisted I give him the activation code, and not just the account number, I refused, and the conversation was ended. My big concern is if this info were to get in the wrong hands this could destroy a company or personal credit report record. This is a SCAM, I am sure, and when on the internet there are MANY who feel the same. Please look into Fora Financials practices before some gets burned.

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