Forbees Delivery

Tina –

Victim Location 70394

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed about a job that I applied for through Ziprecruiter. After a month of forwarding packages they stopped taking my calls and did not answer my emails. They promised to pay me $3,000 at the end of thr month which they have not.

Larry –

Victim Location 92404

Total money lost $1,940

Type of a scam Employment

I wound up taki g the "job" offered by Forbees Delivery instead of a leasing consultant job because I thought Forbees worked with my kid’s schedule better. They promised a salary of 3000.00 30 days after my first day of employment. I started courier work for them and then they locked me out of the website and stopped sending the packages to my house and I am now late on my rent because I did not get paid. I could have made the 1940.00 with the other job and been able to pay my rent and now I am in a position where my housing can be lost.

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