Forex Finance Tarde

Kari – Aug 25, 2020

Victim Location 89506

Total money lost $1,020

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I had an idea to get into Bitcoin. So I did some searching which took me to the business part of Facebook. There were several companies that replied to my questioning about Bitcoin. I researched this company Forex Finance Trade and found them to be a new company. I decided to trade with them because the investment was only $100.00 to get started. I made the deposit and overnight my trade began and then I got an email saying the trade had stopped. They wanted me to invest $900.00 to get the trade started again. I was not comfortable with that amount. I stated I would go to the net plan. They had $300, $500, $900 and so on. At that time my trade showed profit of $277.00 and I wanted to take my profits and end but I listen to Imrana Malumfa and I decided to deposit to the $500.00 plan. My trade started again and when it was finished it showed a profit of $5850.00. I tried to take my profits out and they refused saying I needed to pay a fee to get it transferred to my account. I paid the fee and then they sent another email saying I need to pay IRS and that is when I got IRS involved. I made a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and I logged a scam alert. I know I probably will not get my money back. I was so concerned with trying to trade Bitcoin that I got caught up in a scam.

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