Forrester Research Survey INC

Jonathan –

Victim Location 27406

Type of a scam Employment

This is a job position as a secret shopper investigating complaints about Walmart. It came by UPS in a brown envelope with a letter that had a heading, but with improper spacing, and no business header or date on letter. (I felt the secretary of that business very unprofessional and wondered how they got hired. That was what initially made me skeptical and caused me to do more research.) A check was included for $2,400.64, the bank being located in Memphis, Tennessee at 350 N. Humphreys Blvd. The phone number that was given was from a Texas area code. I was told to keep so much money, then to buy 2 gift cards from each Walmart and then to email them when the job was done. They told me what to look for in Walmart as a secret shopper. It sounded legit except for the lack of professionalism of the letter, and the loop hole that the gift cards would come out of my account and their check would not clear for another 10 to 21 days. If Fraud, it would bounce and I would be held accountable for the money.

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