foundation for american veterans

Vincent –

Victim Location 40245

Type of a scam Charity

Received several calls. Didn’t answer. Finally answered and was told I should pledge either $30 or $50. I said I surely couldn’t afford $50 but wanted to hear what they were doing.

I was "transferred" to a woman who spouted the same generalities as the man who first called. I tried several times to get names of organizations they supported, no real reply. Finally, I said I THIN THIS IS A SCAM and hung.

Now I get at least one call a day, never a message left. Now they sent a "FRIENDLY REMINDER" that I pledged $30. Which I didn’t.

I want to quit hearing from them!

Melody –

Victim Location 68134

Type of a scam Charity

6/9/16 Caller wanted us to donate to their charity to help veterans. My husband said "ok". We got a bill for $20.00 within just a couple of days.

I suspected it was a more of a "for-profit" charity, if not a downright fraud. I delayed paying the "pledge reminder". That’s when the phone calls started, with some rather pushy people wanting "their" money!!

I did a little research online – they keep at least 90% of the funds they raise for "operational expenses". There’s no website, and the organization did not respond to requests in the Michigan area. There are several complaints about this group on various websites.

7/12/16 I then called the phone number on the "pledge reminder". The recording gave me 6 options – for more information about their organization, to be removed from their phone list, to make a donation, to speak to a customer service representative, and more. All of the responses wanted me to leave a detailed message with my phone number so that they could reach me. I certainly did not leave a message!

I am angry that this organization called us out of the blue, convinced my husband to donate money to them, and then proceeded to annoy us with pushy pressuring phone calls. My husband has been the one who’s answered the phone each time. I hope to intercept a call shortly and give them a piece of my mind! I hope the is able to research further and alert others to this organization’s greedy tactics in the name of "charity".

(Also, when I called the 1-877-871-7162 number on their pledge reminder, the recorded information gave a different address than the pledge reminder. It’s just one more thing that makes me very suspicious of this group.)

Curtis –

Victim Location 27350

Type of a scam Charity

Phone pledge request for money from Foundation For American Veterans. This is followed up by letter and more phone calls insisting you send money immediately.

Tara –

Victim Location 98930

Type of a scam Charity

I am receiving numerous phone calls and mailings from PLEDGE REMINDER FOUNDATION FOR AMERICAN VETERANS PMB 742-contributions 19785 West 12 Mile Southfield MI 48076-2584. These people will not take no for an answer and seem suspicious when calling.

Monique –

Victim Location 56001

Type of a scam Charity

Call from Foundation for American Veterans. PMB 742 Contributions

19785 West 1/2 Mile,

Southfield, MI 48076-2584

Asked for Credit Card payment.

When refused that they sent a Pledge Reply letter that looks very official including "Tax Deductible" status.

Have not sent money because I assumed it was VA or BBB approved.

Caller was over friendly and high pressured.

Roger –

Victim Location 28660

Type of a scam Other

Ms. XXXXX was called by the Foundation for American Veterans about donating to their organization but did not donate or pledge to donate. A week or so later, she received a Pledge Reminder in the mail from them for $20 donation. She called BBB to see if they were on legitimate charity.

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