Foxy Bangals

Martin –

Victim Location 97463

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I’ve been searching the internet looking for a Bengal kitten for my family when I came acrossed what look like an absolute legitimate website called foxy bangal’s that had free shipping with a 12 week old Bengal kitten for $550. Which is an absolute steal for a Bengal kitten and should have been my first sign it was a scam. They sent me a contract to sign in return which I did. And told me to send the money through Walmart or MoneyGram and they will ship out the kitten too the nearest Airport to my house or for an additional $50 to my door. They called me the next day after I sent back the purchasing contract and told me to hurry up and send the money because there was only three kittens that would be shipped for free and it was first come first serve. So as soon as I got off work I went to the bank took out the money and went to Walmart to send the payment. When I pulled up to the Walmart parking lot I took a second because it was starting to give me a bad feeling and looked online about Bengal cat scams. Low and behold the second article I saw was a news feed from 2 years prior about a man getting scammed for $480 attempting to purchase a Bengal kitten for his son. And right there on the screen was the exact same photo that was on the website of the cat that I was to purchase. It blows me away how professional the website looks with testimonials and very detailed guarantees quite frankly the whole kit and caboodle in comparison to legitimate Bengal cat websites. It’s crazy because I was minutes away from sending the money when something inside me told me to check the internet. We all got to stick together to keep these despicable people from stealing our hard-earned money thank you for your time

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