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Kristopher –

Victim Location 31602

Total money lost $2,450

Type of a scam Employment

i recieved a order by my text messaging and they sent me a check to cover my expense and wanted me to do a customer evaluation on a company by sending money they sent me to another person and i had to make sure the check cleared my bank account before i could even touch the funds and the next day they request for the whole amount back where i am scammed and out of money. Large amounts of money and i want to bring my account back to above not negative and due to this scam i am in big trouble and really need help with getting this scam fixed and my account back right. they give all information to reach them.

Christie –

Victim Location 70075

Type of a scam Employment

The ad was on Career Builder, stating a business was looking for mystery shoppers. They would pay the shopper $200 per week. In addition, the business would supply a card with monies on it for the shopping or they would reimburse monies spent by the mystery shopper. In addition, the products we are to buy are the products we can keep. Feedback from the service and product was part of this job.

I emailed this person & expressed my interest. On 09/23/15, I received 2 envelopes, via USPS, with a new directive. I am now to deposit 2 checks in my personal checking account, go to western union & send monies to 4 people (and of course, give my reviews). I am to keep $300.00 per check for my "services".

Attached you will find the original email, as well as the contents of what I received on 09/23/15.

Please send this to whomever you need to stop their scam operation.

I can be reachead @ ###-###-####.


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