French Bulldog Puppies

Shaun –

Victim Location 07666

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were looking to buy a french bulldog puppy. We found the above website online where they were offering different puppies at a very low cost. They gave us the option of having the puppy deliver to us. Apparently they are located in NC Sprignfield. They only communicated through email and were very responsive. The puppy was apparently up-to-date with all vaccines and was also AKC registered. They said that we only had to pay $550 for the puppy plus $150 for a "nanny" to bring the dog in a plane to us. Once we had submitted the payment through Zelle and took a screen shot of the submitted payment, we were contacted by a another person regarding pet insurance. According to the email received about the pet insurance, a payment of $970 needed to be made before shipping the puppy to us. The instructions to make this payment were that we needed to find the closes CVS pharmacy and purchased a money gram for $970 and send it to: Rendell Yiadom; State of Michigan; City Groos zip code 49837. And again take another screen shot of proof of payment and send it to this number as a text message (469)299-9730.

After realizing that this was an scam, before making the last payment, we pretended to still moving forward with the payment and other transactions necessary. We noticed the person texting us was getting somewhat anxious about not getting the payment right away, also claiming that the phone lines in the entire company were "down" and we couldn’t communicate over the phone except by text or email. After we told this person we knew it was an scam, this person started making inappropriate comments about how we can reach out to our "president" to retrieve our money.

Nina –

Victim Location 57110

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website contains photos of myself and my dog claiming that I purchased the dog from this site. This is not true, and I have tried via phone and several emails, as well as "live chat" on the website to contact them about this copyright and stealing of photos. I have not been able to contact them. After reaching the breeder that I did purchase my dog from, they stated that all of the photos on were ripped from their site without their permission or knowledge.

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