Friendly Mastiffpuppies

Colin – Jul 11, 2020

Victim Location 28306

Total money lost $1,780

Type of a scam Other

My husband was looking for a Bullmastiff puppy online and came across website: on 5 July 2020 and saw a puppy by the name of Kessy that he like. We sent an inquiry about the puppy and [email protected] replied back with information on the puppy (I have corresponding email traffic). We came to agreement and sent payment $800 for puppy on 6 July 2020 that was to be shipped the following morning 7 July 2020 after payment was verified. Payment was verified, Collins as he called himself said he would walk me through the process and appeared to be keeping us abreast of the registration, vet clearance, etc. and said he would email me the tracking information once it was available to him and he was taking the other puppies to be checked by the vet. I later emailed him because I received and email from [email protected] stating that they were in the process of booking a place for the puppy’s flight to San Jose (SJC) International Airport. However, insurance cover is required to book a flight for the puppy but they could not find the insurance cover document in the papers that were provided to them by the shipper, so we had to provide this paper or pay for the puppy’s insurance cover. They stated the amount paid for the insurance would be refundable because it will cover the puppy just for the flight to San Jose (SJC) International Airport. I reached back out to the breeder because this was unexpected and he stated that "because we made mostly insure our puppies on monthly bases so since this was a new month we did not renew this early because you can’t insure a puppy that will soon be going to a new home so the receiver insures the puppy but this fee is refundable upon arrival of puppy have no worries this is just to make sure the puppy is all good during flight ok". So my husband cash app $980 to Christina Kay at $cailey8 for temporary insurance. We conversed back and forth through email and determine that the puppy would fly in the next couple of hours but would arrive late. I then get an email from [email protected] stating that the crate that the puppy is in is not the authorized shipping crate and that puppy couldn’t fly in that crate but they had crates for rent for $100 non-refundable. I reach back out to the breeder and told him I don’t like the way this is unfolding and that he said he would walk us through this yet I keep getting all these surprises. I’ve ordered a puppy online before and it was not this hard. He was like calm down I promise you’ll get your puppy, etc. Couple of hours went by and I emailed because I hadn’t heard anything and I told him he needed to streamline this process, that I was not sending anymore money and to either provide me a puppy or my money back and if he didn’t I would report him to, BBB, and the FBI too since we are crossing state lines. My husband and I also contacted our banks to see what other recourse we have. I have not heard anything back from the puppy scam people and I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on July 9, 2020

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