Friendly poodles

Roger –

Victim Location 55045

Total money lost $540

Type of a scam Other

Found site for poodles for sale. Selected a puppy I wanted and filled out the form on the site and sent it. Friendly poodles emailed me back saying that the puppy I wanted is still available and has had all his vaccinations. He will be shipped using a professional pet shipping agency. We currently have coupons to ship up to 3 puppies for free, otherwise it would cost an additional $250. They even asked to know a little about the family where our baby will be going. I sent a little about what the family was like. I received a email back asking for the money for the puppy to be sent by Western Union because they have had trouble with people using credit cards . I sent the money to the name they emailed. Then I received a phone call that the payment came in the wrong name and I needed to get it changed. So I did. They emailed me back a statement that they received the money and my puppy would be shipped on Monday. Monday came and heard nothing until I called and was told that he will be going to the airport in a couple of hours. I didn’t hear back until I emailed them. Then it was sent to my email that there were no available flights today not until tomorrow morning. In the morning the next day I got a email that the puppy was delivered to the transport company and I will get a email from the transport company as to what I need to claim my puppy. Sure enough a so called transport company emailed me and was telling me I needed to send them money ( more than the puppy cost ) for insurance to fly the puppy. Of course they wanted it sent by Western Union. I knew at that time I had been scammed. I had flown a puppy before and did not have to purchase flying insurance. I emailed them back and told them I know this is a scam. They emailed back saying "What do you mean ". I told them I had flown puppies before and you don’t need insurance to fly a puppy.

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