FrozenShop- Shopify

Maurice –

Victim Location 94124

Total money lost $30.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order with a Shopify webstore called FrozenShop on Nov 3rd, I went to check on my order since I had not yet received my item and found that the website for the Shopify store NO LONGER EXISTED!! It was GONE-POOF-Disappeared!

I contacted Shopify and was told they were NOT responsible to buyers for money lost, Shopify stated that they are ONLY a software app provider and that they could NOT recover or return my money! … So they receive money from phantom fake webstore owners but have NO liability for the use of Shopify’s DARK web back alley they setup for webghost theives!

Shopify is about a $4 BILLION dollar "company" that has provided a phantom webshop platform for ghost thieves to steal from unsuspecting consumers… SHOPIFY is PROFITING from this DARK WEB activity with seemingly NO liability or responsibility to consumers.

Shopify’s customer service’s response to this issue is that we are learning as we grow and expand!! IN OTHER WORDS as Shopify BILKS consumer’s of MONEY via DARK WEB INTERNET THIEVES and ANSWERS to NO ONE & NO consequences!

I am OWED $30.99. Below is the FAKE seller’s info from the email receipt I received after purchase.

[email protected] or call at +1 630-360-2093


I tried calling the fake sellers phone # and it is a google ph# and NO ANSWERS!

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