FS Recruiting

Alexander –

Victim Location 10036

Total money lost $128

Type of a scam Employment

Jeff Walker, Fred Green both names appear for the scam coming from company called FS Recruiting. They lure you with job prospect, then tell you your resume is unreadable and send you a link to resume site. I completely fell for it, the letters are well written, the site is credible, they even have news via abnews service, talking about them. I was suspicious all the time, but all the background checks I did on them, checked out via online research. I was thinking the recruiting company really exists and was going to alert them of a scam going on in their name, but it appears the whole website was created to be believable. When you check the physical address in New York, it is not theirs. Also when you send a mail to their general email address it comes back with recipient not found.

I really do not fall for scams in general : this one was really credible, even though I remained suspicious till the end, of course I had paid the money to make a ‘compatible’ resumé in the meantime. When the deal was canceled after payment I realised I had been scammed. I am in Belgium

Melissa –

Victim Location 33928

Type of a scam Employment

They pretend to be an executive recruiting agency and ask for your resume. Once Resume is submitted they say they cannot upload to ATS and refer you to https://www.resumes-experts.com/ for a free review. At this time, no credit card is required but I am certain if one is given you will be taken for a FS Recruiting Ride…

Scammers are getting smarter… BEWARE FSRecruiting… If you google, you will see they have paid ads that pop up and even talk about recruiter scams… I want to see them go to jail

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