Fumble Pop

Ashleigh – Oct 07, 2020

Placed an order on 04/03/2019. Took my money on that date. Sent emails to them on 05/29/2019, 06/20/206 and 06/11/2019. Each time they responded with an “updated” ship date. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on 06/11/2019. It is now 10/07/2020 and I have not received the item or a refund. TOTAL FRAUD!

Kristy – Mar 22, 2020

Same as the others- took my money IMMEDIATELY from my back account on 2 pre-orders, sent a bogus order number, and expected ship date- never to be seen or heard from again.. SCAM!

Angelica –

I preordered a figure for $25.32 and it confirmed the ordered. That was back in June of 2019. It is now January of 2020 and they still do not respond to my emails. The figure was released over a month ago and they still haven’t shipped mine or anything. I have a lot of experience online shopping and this is not a “delay” or anything like that. This is a straight scam because in order to cancel they only give you a refund of 85% of what you paid. So basically they are robbing you

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Abby –

Victim Location 31558

Total money lost $65.10

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went to pre-order a new collection of Pop! figures that were of the 7 members of a band, BTS, my wife loves. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very familiar with the company that makes these figures at the time. So I tried to Google these figures and click on the first site that popped up since Google had never let me down before. With the website being Fumble Pop, I had thought that maybe that was the whole name of the company and proceeded to fill in my information of where to ship them once they were released and gave my credit card information to pay like any normal online order. At the beginning of March, I had placed this order. When we hadn’t receive the figures after about a week of the actual release date in May, we began to try to contact the website. The first time we contacted the company, via contact form, it took about a couple of weeks for a response which stated, " Hey, Thanks for getting in touch about your order. I have very bad news about your order. Funko changed shipping date for us and we will get the last item from your order only on 7/15/2019. You will get shipping notification with a tracking number when you order will be ready to ship. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Have a great rest of the day! Fumble Pop! Customer Service." When we waited about a week after that date, we sent another contact form(only form of communication with the company). We stated how we never got any type notification about our order, and that we would like a refund since we’ve been waiting a couple of months just for 7 BTS Pops. Til this day, we still have yet to receive the BTS Pops nor have received any contact from them. We felt as though this company was lying to us by dreading on the conversation and avoiding the fact that the BTS Pops were never sent.

Cory –

Victim Location 71701

Total money lost $13.53

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not order from this company. They take your money but you never receive item. It has been two months since I ordered and can not get an email reply and phone number is blocked.


Allen –

Victim Location 30331

Total money lost $75.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Beware! Fumble Pop has no valid way of contact other than the contact form on their website and personal email addresses that never get responded to. I placed an order for 8 Funko Pops almost a month ago. Received emails confirming my order and that my order was “on the way.” There was tracking info in that email that still has not made it to the post office since the label was created in May 2019. After multiple emails, I still have not received my package nor a response from the company. I see they respond here in broken English and very aggressively to complaints but nothing to inquiries about orders. Cancel and you lose 15% so this company is a scam that has fake reviews and takes your money because they have no intention on shipping anything. They still get 15% of your money because eventually you will cancel. ScamPulse.com needs to shut this foreign scam of a company down! If you are legit, send my order!

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