Christy –

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Lady named Mary contacted me, told me i was approved for loan, wanted 300$ to secure loan, then wanted 327$ to release funds, this is when a man named sean steps in he is very aggresive and rude, they also work in colaboration with ecographi from uk, they take the money. and ecographi are scammers beware.

Megan –

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was looking for a consolidation load as due to my credit standing I could not get it from a bank but I knew if I got one I could clean everything up in a year and get back on track, so I filled out the application on funding-canada uploaded my credit card and bank statement as most places request this to verify income if you can afford their loan I saw nothing wrong. A couple days went by then I got a call from them, advisor said her name was Amy and that she just had to verify it was me before discussing any further (again legitt) She said congratuations you have been approved for a bad credit consolitation loan to help you get on track now to move further as the funding company is in the states we need to hold 10% of the loan on a prepaid card as security, if you want to proceed please get a paypower visa add the 10% $1500 to the cards but do not activate as we do not need access to it just hold it as security. so me the dummy, gets the cards send her a picture of them and she send me and email confirming receipt and said they will finalize funding information and get back to me, so here I’m thinking contracts and paper work in order for me to see the fine print charges interest and all that. No, then I get a call from Shawn who works with Amy, he said thanks for the security we have started the transfer of funds to your account, but because of it coming from the US and having to travel from US bank to Vancouver Bank to here the cost is $729 for the transfer then we can release funds. I think said you know what Shawn thank you but this is starting to become to out of control for me I can not do this please cancel my application . At this point I had no clue they took the $1500 . Shawn said take some time don’t rush, it is ready to go these are just fees you will get back in the deposit. so I hung up and said to my husband activate the cards and take money off of them, little did I know when we called they were empty. I called Shawn back and said why did you take my $1500 that was security he said no it covers our legal fees. He will not return my money, I know where have anything written that they charge these fees nor did I sign anything saying for them to activate a transfer with fees. I honestly wish I could get my money back because we are tight as it is I had hope but I know it wont happen. I just don’t want this to happen to anyone ever. 🙁

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