Funding turtle

Emily –

Victim Location 66103

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

While searching the internet for a financial institution willing to give loans for high-risk individuals -meaning bad credit or no credit I filled out a few applications and I was notified by this company called Funding Turtle, willing to give me the funds that I needed unsecured as most of us know if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I was so dumbfounded and excited that I finally found somebody who could help me with my financial situation I didn’t hesitate to talk to him at first they didn’t ask me a whole lot of questions about my personal information, but like most companies after discussing the loan and the interest rate we got down to the nitty-gritty of it and started discussing my personal information after telling me that I was approved they wanted an upfront fee due to the fact that I was a high-risk client to cover their insurance costs at first it started out as the same amount as my first installment of what I would have been paying for my loan to which he said was totally refundable at the end of my payoff on my loan. I laughed and said well if I could pay you that much money I wouldn’t need to take a loan out. After back-and-forth discussion we came down to the fee of $250 which at the time I didn’t have, needing to find those funds over a course of about 3 days I was able to come up with the money here’s where the fun begins I saw all the red flags still chose to ignore it because I was so desperate to try to get my financial affairs in order and this loan was what I needed to get it done. So after sending them a copy of my photo ID they told me that I needed to send them the funds via PayPal or Apple I didn’t have a PayPal account so I went with the Apple, after getting the card and give him the information off the cards they said that my funds would be in my account within 15 minutes waiting afterwards I got a text back from them saying that my loan was declined saying their financial department was unable to give me the loan due to the high-risk and that I needed the pay them enough to cover their insurance and 250 was not going to do it, it needed to be at least 1500 so at that time I told them that I was unable to move forward with this loan there was no way I could acquire the extra $1,250 to take care of this loan so they told me they would cancel the loan I told them I wanted to be refunded my $250 after the conversation we hung up. The next day I sent them an email requesting my refund I received a text back stating that if I just sent them another $80 they would be able to go ahead and move forward with my loan in my frustration I emailed them back with quite a long and drawn-out email letting them know that I was on to them and I knew they were scamming me and there was no way I was sending them any more money and they had three options one they could honor their contract with me and give me the loan, second refund me in full, or three do nothing and suffer the consequences and this is the beginning of their consequences reporting them to the I have yet to hear another thing from him or receive my refund the only thing I can say that I did have some for thought that this very well could be a scam I got security put on my accounts to protect me from identity theft and fraud protection.

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