Funnel Rolodex

Angel – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 10452

Total money lost $1,539.97

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

I signed up to a telemarketing website called Funnel Rolodex and immediately Mr. Oyinlola Akindele sent me a text message offering his services as an ONLINE MARKETING EXPERT TECHNICIAN. He called me immediately using the following phone number: 5204132285

I hired him and paid the amount of US$1539.97

He promised me to setup a Website virtual online store called *********, make a lot of money and commissions from sale purchases. Also one YouTube Profitable Account, after three months without any results I have decided to file International Fraud Online Complaint.

Mr. Oyinlola Akindele, also asked me to do a favor and told me that his sister from Canada will send me $150.00 and that from Canada his sister can not send money to Nigeria. After I receive the money from his sister and will be able to re-send it to him at his Bank Account in Nigeria. MONEY TRANSFERED DIRECTLY TO HIS ACCOUNT FROM MY DEBIT CARD ACCOUNT THROUGH BOSS REVOLUTION

INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFER TO NIGERIA. He asked me for my Bank Account No. and the Router Number, which I refused to provide that information to him, because I suspected something wrong with that picture! …

Akindele Oyinlola Oyinde

5 Akinola Street todeyi

Lagos State


BANK’S NAME: Guaranty Trust Bank

BANK ACCOUNT: ********** Telephone: +234-818-177-1231

Email: [email protected]

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