Grace – Jul 30, 2020

They are definitely a scam and I advice everyone to stay far away from them, t’s easy to get scammed terribly dealing with these guys. Regardless, I’m relieved because all the money I lost was recovered, thanks to an expert. you can reach me to refer help if you have also lost money in a similar way; Susiebell2009 {at} _gmail_, com

Kelly – Jul 22, 2020

Victim Location 10469

Total money lost $9,300

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I am not working so I joined a work from home group on Facebook. I was contacted on Messenger by a Michael Robinson Jnr who provided me with an opportunity to invest in bitcoins. He provided a legitimate website and I invested because i’ve heard of bitcoins and its value but never truly examined them the way he explained. My initial investment was $510 and was made on Sunday, July 20th. I made the purchase of the bitcoins through CashApp and then sent it to a wallet address he provided. He said there will be no fees attached, only to pay them 10% of the profit earned. On day two i was told i needed to upgrade my account by $355 to pro to be able to cash out. I was a bit uncomfortable so I went onto the site and used the chat option which linked me to their CEO Oliver Just. He said Everything is ok and my investment i should not worry about just follow the instruction of my Account Manager. I paid the $355. After that I spoke back to Michael who then asked me for my picture to upload on my account which i said no I am uncomfortable and i did not. Last night after inquiring about my investment I was told that I would need to pay a withdrawal fee. I said what fee? I was told by the CEO that no more fees would apply. He said yes I would need to pay those to get the profit…I kind of sensed that I was being scammed. I then reached out to my brother, explained everything and of how they told me that my ROI would be $9300. He did some research and found that this site was heavily on Scamguard with other victims. After such, I communicated again with my so call "account manager" to play along just being curious and of the fact that i was not provided with a lot of information promised. I also told him i am not paying the withdrawal fees to get the profits, but he kept on insisting. I know it was going no where so I became even more suspicious. I have been communicating with them on WhatsAapp and on Messenger. I tried to call him but he refused the call and said he’s busy right now and the call would interrupt the signals of the trade. I interacted with these guys through WhatsApp and FB Messenger. My account is now compromised as I am unable to get back into FB and it says my email used does not exist. I also tried to use my mobile to get a reset code and nothing has been happening. I am completely locked out of FB. I have saved as much information about our interaction as possible as evidence for the police. I am now in the process of getting this reported to the police.

Caitlin – Sep 17, 2020

I am in the same situation and I am out of about 10k.

Luke –

Total money lost $342

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

First shes gonna post it at Facebook offering for help how or if your interested in bitcoin. The scammer introduced herself and send a photo of her fake driver’s license. Get your number for wattapps then starts offering you some beautiful opportunities. Then ask you to signup and buy a bitcoin. Once you will you buy bitcoin she will give you and introduce you with contact number which is (fake person) and say that you are on same country. That person will boost you and lead you to buy bitcoin. When you buy the bitcoin it will process through simplex site that makes you believe this a legit company. When purchased is approved it will come to your wallet and comes with profits but you can’t withdraw it.

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