Monica –

Victim Location 07108

Total money lost $26,200

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

hello i want to know can you help me i lost over $26,200 into bitcoin. the thing is i first contact jules arthur back in sept,he told me he was a manager in bitcoin mining he said that what ever i give him he want 10 percent and i pay it to his company fxexpertoption. he said in a month he can make me over 80,000 end up it was over 100,000 that they showed me on they website fxexpertoption.com.

i set up with a email and a password so everyday i was going on there website i see they was crediting something into my account and it was also emailing stating how much i had into my account and monthly charge $750 they called it a maintance and singal charge. i told them that jules arthur never told me about that but i paid it any using they bts address so i want it to make a withdrawl jules arthur told me i have to take it all out so i give them 14,200 using bitcoin so i ask him where my money at i didnt hear from him in two days so that when i get a email from fxexpertoption saying i have to give them 5000 for taxes for the irs.

i said no i will do my taxes at the end of the year i end up giving it to them anyway because this lady i work with her daugther is a lawyer she look into and said no one post it up ask a scam but know they talking i have to give them a 1000 in bitcoins before i can receive my money now they say it for tranfer fee hank you i will tell you more i told them i want my money

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