Gentle Persians

Tabitha – Aug 08, 2020

All the above happened to us, too! After sending a down payment (dumb of us to send, smart not to send the whole amount) our bank put a stop to the second transaction (final payment). When we called the bank about the stopped transaction, they informed us this was a scam! we did see more research and found it WAS a scam using several websites featuring different pets and using different phone numbers, too. When I called the Oklahoma number, it went to voice mail with the creepiest, spookiest person (computer?) speaking I had ever heard (Nosferatu?). We immediately contacted the scammer and said we were no longer interested and would like our down payment back (fat chance!). For good measure, I sent them an email using one of our other emails, enquiring as to what Persian kittens were available. The scammer sent back info on two: Max and Flora, saying both were available! The same script and info about the cats was sent to our phony email, the same info the scammer sent my wife! Gentle Persians is a definite scam, and our bank will be investigating them, as will the F.B.I. (suggested by our bank) since banks were used in a scam operation. We suggest other people scammed by Gentle Persians contact the F.B.I. as well…

Jessie – Aug 07, 2020

area code 580 is Oklahoma. If you’ve sent money – it’s gone unless you used a credit card.
Lesson learned.

Jeffery – Aug 07, 2020

I just began to contact them regarding a kitten. They advertise 50 per cent off. I’ll only move forward by picking up in person. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t know why I would have any other result than above… seems like a scam. NEVER send any money to anyone without some in person contact. I live in San Diego. I’ll ask them to meet me at xxx (the closest police station to their “professed location” ) to exchange cash for the kitten.

I just got scammed by my local Craigslist by sending a cash downpayment for a kitten… and I know better!

Christine – Jul 31, 2020

Hello I was scammed. The told me a kitty was for sale! Send the money through cash app. What can I do? They have my money.

Craig – Jul 05, 2020

Same exact thing happened to me. Ask to speak to their vet. I even called to speak with them on the number provided and went to vm. Fake company

Edwin – May 03, 2020

Victim Location 80305

Type of a scam Online Purchase

After searching for “Purebred Persian Kittens” online, the website for Gentle Persians was one of the top choices to appear. We contacted Gentle Persians regarding kitten availability, and they responded to say “MAX” was available. Included in the email were 4 photos and a video of MAX. We were asked to fill out a new owner questionnaire with name, address, phone, and email. They asked for information on the nearest airport for the purposes of shipping the kitten. Then they asked for payment of $750.00 through “Cash App”.

However, before moving forward we asked more specific questions about the kitten such as registration details, linage and parent information, any health problems, and vaccination record. We asked about the kittens age and the dates that those pictures/videos were taken. We asked for his actual date of birth (was he still 10 weeks old)? We asked to see him and to physically pick him up instead of having him shipped. We asked for Gentle Persians location and physical address. We received no response to any of our questions. We said we were hesitant to send any money without more details. Gentle Persians stopped all communication with us.

We believe that Gentle Persians is a fraudulent company operating a scam. We believe there are multiple signs of fraud and that Gentle Persians is advertising Persians using pictures of kittens from another source (maybe from a breeder) to take personal information and money from vulnerable individuals who are hoping to purchase a beautiful Persian kitten.

These kittens do not exist and Gentle Persians should be investigated and shut down.

Jill – Aug 04, 2020

OMG! I contact them about the kitten Dora. Exactly THE SAME script happened with me. I was very suspicious because in all other sellers the price is around $2K… such a big difference! My husband negotiated with them and the final price, including shipping, was $600… clearly something was wrong.
Thank you for your report.

Mallory – Aug 03, 2020

Hello! This same thing happened to me. Did you get your money back? If so how?

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