Get Your Logo Design

Margaret – Sep 08, 2020

Victim Location 99402

Type of a scam Tech Support

I wanted to make a more professional looking logo so I hired a logo company get your logo design to help me make my logo. they talked me in to rebuilding a website for a different project. They sold me a fake life time 10year Registered trade mark using a government form I still have not received. This company also has sold me things needed to run a website ie merchant account that was not ever set up correctly sid not work. google analysis still not set up, charging me twice for hosting service and viruses blocks that they out source to a third party stealing my domain name in the process Refusing to give me my website credentials so I could hook up security. I paid for a 6 year DMCA for my website and they posted a fake DMCA on my page that belongs to another company when you clicked on it. they cut and pasted it from Pinquest to my photos in my website. when I question them about it they said i need to leave it there. I removed it. its called fraud . then they shut my site down and it don’t want to load. I had already hooked up a free version of jet-pack it comes with the WordPress website and i wanted to upgrade and hook up jet-pack security and 2 system alerts with my cell phone. I needed my credentials and that is when I discovered that they had stolen my website domain and that stuff was not really done like they said. i confronted them asked for a refund or fix.and still nothing but a run around and make you wait game. My bank account was compromised and my bank has had to change my account number 3 times due to security breach.

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