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Raquel – Nov 30, 2020

This was for a different company but same telegram app id name @Ability1012 with Amanda Linfield. When I simply asked for the name of the company, they went completely bonkers and said that I was asking too many questions. They said that they were the interviewer and they would be asking me the questions. When I said that the whole thing seemed sketchy, they said that I was impatient and unprofessional LOL.

Abigail – Jul 01, 2020


I applied through an online platform for a part-time data entry work from home job to supplemental my income. A lady named Isabella Mekouar sent me an email indicating

Welcome to Gliders Computers, the position is for Virtual Assistant
/Data Entry…  Part Time/Full Time  are available.  Training and
orientation is available for the position listed.

You have been considered and scheduled for an online interview to
discuss more about the position offered. You are required to set up a
Telegram account and download the app (Telegram) from the app store i.e
for smart phone and for PC.

After this process, you are to add Mrs. Amanda Linfield on her Telegram 
ID is ( Ability1012 ) add her to your buddy list now for the job
briefing and comprehensive details. She would be online waiting to talk
to you.

I was given an access code and Amanda gave me an interview right away and told me the interview had to be through messenger. This should have been a red flag but I figured with Covid-19 that some companies may be changing their hiring practices. Amanda gives you an online interview and then tells you to hold on while she reviews your interview. She then messages you a few minutes later telling you that you got the job. She tells you about the equipment you will need to do the job. She says that the company will be providing me with the funds you will be using in purchasing the softwares you will be working with, You will be receiving a check this week and she will update me on when the check will be coming to you. The check will supposedly cover all the equipment I will need to start work. She then goes on to say that once I receive the check I am to have it deposited into my account and funds will be Credited and available the following day for me to withdraw and make purchase to the vendor who is the shipping agent whom the Company has been purchasing software from tested and trusted. Isabella then sends you an employee welcome letter to sign. Amanda kept messaging to see if I received it and to send it to her asap. It have me an uneasy feeling so I researched into the company further.

They will send you a cheque via email for direct deposit for a ridiculous amount. People have gone out and purchased high end items required for the so-called job only to realize that the cheque bounces and is counterfeit and this company now has all of your personal information and you are out the money.

Be careful. These people are scammers.

Emmanuel – Jul 07, 2020

Omg wish I saw this earlier cause I really need a job. Did they take any money from you or hacked any of your accounts?

Brittney – Jun 30, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

The so called HR Desk contacts you offering a virtual job and provides you with an ID. You install an app called Telegram where Amanda Linfield will give you an instant messaging interview. After the so-called interview, Amanda will tell you she will speak to her hiring team and get back to you. She will then message you a few minutes later saying you got the job. Will then tell you that the company will be providing you with the funds you will be using in purchasing the softwares you will be working with. The check will cover all the equipment you need to start the work with.

Problem is the cheque is counterfeit so you have now purchased all of this so-called equipment with no way of getting your money back from them.

Tommy – Jun 12, 2020

Erica Bell – Erica Bell [email protected]
Mrs. Amanda Linfield on her Telegram ID is ( Ability1012 )
Another scam, anytime you get an email and they want you to either create a Telegram Account or Hangout, that’s the red flag…next the scam begins…don’t let it happen to you!

Jodi – Jun 18, 2020

what is the scam? I was contacted but it seems on the up an up. Please fill me in!

Heidi – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 30106

Type of a scam Employment

Jos Scam! computer, work from home job that claims they will send a check to you for items needed to purchase for the job. offering nearly 50,000 salary. WALTER RICE was the name of the person claiming to be the hiring manager.

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