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Roger – Dec 12, 2020

I am surprised to see this because it’s works out good for me and I don’t know about yours likewise I am also happy you said you never got scammed from them before please kindly bare with whatever stress that may comes your way sometimes before expressing your feelings not all you see or hear are bad good things comes to the most patients person in life, never judge a book by is cover thanks and stop coming here discouraging people who really need the help they render us it works for us if it doesn’t works out good for you.

Curtis – Nov 26, 2020

Scammer’s phone No phone

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address No address just says government website

Scammer’s email Just says messenger

Country United States

Type of a scam Government Grant

Initial means of contact Not applicable

A friend on FB told me about it so I went there and told them I wanted to apply so I gave info address ECT.. then he told me I needed to send him pics of my cash app card front and back I told him all they need is my tag and said he needed it to prove who I am I said well in that case all you need is a state government issued ID . They said no we need pics of cash app I said well I guess this conversation is over because your not getting pics of my card and he keep on trying and I finally told him it was a scam of course he denied that an he tried to do more convincing and I told him to leave me be but still keep on so used a few choice words and told him not to respond and that I would be reporting them . He finally shut up . But I did take screenshots .

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Curtis – Nov 26, 2020

I didn’t get scammed but they wanted pic front and back of my cash app card I told them they don’t need pic all they need is my cash app tag and they said they need it so they know there sending funds to the right person I said in that case you should ask for a state government issued ID and they went on and on . So I said in a few choice word they are not getting no pics of my card . I told them they were scammers but the denied it . I have screenshots of the whole conversation . I told them to leave me be .

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Colleen – Dec 12, 2020

Stop making unnecessary complaints if you never got scammed I go through your complaint abs I never see any point that go against the program you’re talking about I got this money delivered to me likewise my cousins and many other more stop coming here trying to discourage us on what it generated to help all who are in need of the help I’m ashamed of your text and for who point of view you’re trying to gain because this program can’t work for all but for only people who are eligible to get it once you ain’t capable you cut off

Hannah – Sep 11, 2020

I was contacted regarding a government grant.. All I had to do was pay money for the delivery cost and certificate of grant. Was told by Steven Hernandez that I would receive my grant by 7 p,m. last night. At 6:40 was notified that the IRS stopped the FedEx truck from delivering my grant money unless I paid $500.00. I was sure it was a scam but gave what I had of only $50.00. Now he says I wont get that back because my money is on the truck waiting for my payment to deliver to my door. Big scam!

Stefanie – Sep 11, 2020

I got scammed out of money promising me a grant for bills and housing repairs. Said FedEx would be at my door by 7 p.m. last night. At 6:40 I got a text that the IRS stopped the truck and needed to pay an additional$500. Steven Hernandez keeps telling me not a scam and if I pay the money I will have it delivered to my door within hours. Now he says I wont get my money back because my grant money is in the truck waiting for delivery. This is a scam.

Bridget – Apr 16, 2020

Victim Location 54731

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted on Facebook Messenger today from an old friend who asked me if I ever heard of the Global Finance Board. When I said “No” she said she just received $50,000 cash from them by a man on her doorstep and she gave me the link to contact a Stephen Hernandez from the Global Finance Board with an application to apply for free cash from $50,000 and up. I didn’t open up the link and suspect she’s been scammed and told her it’s a hoax.

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