Global I T Services/with Geek Squad

Kristen – Jul 20, 2020

Victim Location 70001

Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone call to my personal home phone, which said “Uavailable” and left a message. The message left was to call them back. When I called back the rep said my card they had on file would be charged $299.00 in the next 24 hours if I didn’t call them back for my computer support services for 1 year. They would not tell me what card they had and then said it would be charged in 10 minutes. I finally had enough an blew my athletic whistle into the phone. He stayed on the line each time I blew the whistle. 2 or 3 different times. I finally hung up when he started using very vulgar language to me. The name he had was the correct last name but the 1st name & middle initial was wrong.

I called back:

Got a different person. I wanted to get the correct name & location they said the calls were from. This time the amount was $349.00 for 5 years total. I asked for the name on the credit card. This time it was totally different than the 1st call. However, this time they had a correct name. I told them that was my mother (it wasn’t, it was my husband) and she had closed some of her credit cards but she wasn’t home and would call them back when she got back home. He said the Tax people had given them info that a new card had been issued for that account. I then asked do you mean the IRS and he said yes. Then I told him she would call them back an he gave me his name, which was Robert Fernandez. He certainly didn’t sound Like he had a Latino accent but maybe he was.

I hope everyone realizes how bad these kinds of calls really are. Please do not give these people any information.

And I am so tired of these calls. I wish the government would do something to stop all of these calls. This morning in1 hour an 30minutes I got 3 “Unavailable” calls.

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