Global Logistics

Craig – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 07029

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fake travel agency that was supposed to transport our puppy. Asked for pet insurance, a crate, then additional funds for shots and microchip. Never traveled with or delivered the puppy we paid for. No one at this company can be reached. They have people with faces on their website but you cannot contact any of them.

Sergio – Mar 20, 2020

Victim Location 13037

Type of a scam Other

I was purchasing an Olde English Bulldogge for my daughter. The seller took it to be shipped. The shipping people sent me an email that the crate was wrong and I had to rent a crate for $1500 but my monies would be refunded when the dog was delivered to my door. The website had no phone number and when I clicked on it to contact them it went to a website not found comment. Additionally, global logistics wanted me to send money to the seller to get the crate purchased faster. The clincher was the phone number that came back was an Alabama phone number for a South Carolina company.

Danielle –

Victim Location 06824

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a puppy and they were in cahoots with the shipping company who needed money upfront…never received puppy

Cody –

Victim Location 12110

Type of a scam Employment

The scam starts as a job offer as a Project Manager for a logistics company. Each week they send you information to review and then a test at the end of each week. As you do well they give you side projects to earn more points and better your position. The “special project” is to procure equipment for an office they are opening at a type of test. The scam comes into play when you have you transfer money from their account to your credit card in order to purchase the equipment. It is at this point I realized the scam and was even able to find a thread on LinkedIn about it by preforming a google search on the phone number.

Kristopher –

Victim Location 33898

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller ID says:

Global Logistics 847-258-3794

Foreign speaking man says he’s from windows and needs to remotely access my computer…to which I replied "you can quit calling I’m on to this scam and will be reporting you to the authorities" then I hung up only to receive this same annoying call the very next morning so I answered the phone [email protected]#$ County Sheriff’s office how may I direct your call… CLICK they hung right up!

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