Global Maintenance Service

Ronald – Nov 09, 2020

Global Maintenance IT Services called to say I was being charged $399 and if I am contesting the fee to call them back with my information to cancel the charge! The number they used (spoofed) was +1-208-203-2830.

Cynthia – Oct 21, 2020

Receiving calls from 936-930-3267, Global IT Service… I am not responding to this crap but will notify authorities if my bank account contains a purchase transaction from any suspicious business… Their is so much of this false advertising that consumers are rolling the dice in hopes that the business they are dealing with is legit… Keep checking your bank account daily for suspicious activity…

Peter – Oct 01, 2020

i recieved a call saying that global it maintenance service would be charging my bank account or plastic card within 24 hours for a subscription i had with them. Ive never had any subscription with them as far as i know of and when i called the guy on the number he tried to say it was renewal for my windows 10 subscription on one of the computers in my home. even when i said i didnt buy a computer recently nor did i have one because i used a laptop and he said that it didnt matter what kind of device it was but id be charged. and when i confronted him and told him it was a scam he tried to swear up and down that it wasnt and the couldnt help me if i didnt answer his questions or provide my information. My caller was from chicago illinois

Marie – Sep 02, 2020

09/02/2020 @ 1:11 p.m. received call from 208 203 2631, Parma, ID. Left me a voice message saying same thing as above but identified company as “Global IT Maintenance Services”. I did not return the call and I blocked the number. I have had the same local IT service provider for more than ten years.

Melody – Aug 27, 2020

Call from: 813-535-9729

“Department $399 is going to be charged from your bank account within 24

hours for the auto renewal of your subscription. If you want to cancel the

subscription please call us at 813-535-9729. Once again I repeat

813-535-9729. If you are not the subscriber of Global IT maintenance please

disconnect the line immediately and call us at 813-535-9729. Thank you. Have

a wonderful day.”

Marie – Aug 13, 2020

Got a call saying if I did not call to cancel my subscription I would be billed 349.99 to my checking account unless I called the number to cancel. This was yesterday at 5:09pm. I don’t know these thrives and have never subscribed to this service.

Cynthia – Jul 06, 2020

Victim Location 43231

Type of a scam Tech Support

Receiving calls from 267-846-5927,Global Maintenance Service, two to three times a day, other times once a day, for several days. Caller said, do you to continue your subscription. If you do not respond, you will be charged for the subscription. (no amount or what subscription is for is given).

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