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Todd – Jul 24, 2020

Scammer’s website Global sky marketing

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

On December of 19 my wife and I were scammed by this company using Tory Burch s website and taking 149.84 from my credit card . I had the same done to me like the previous complaint. We were shopping then when it came to process the payment out of nowhere this global sky marketing was sending us an email with a false tracking number . I file a claim with my bank and it’s being reviewed . I urge you to do the same.scam, scammers

Brendan – Jun 08, 2020

I ordered online (via FaceBook) a clothing merchandise thru an Ad claiming to be tnf (The North Face) in November 29, 2019 The payment was paid thru my credit card & was billed thru Global Sky Marketing Sdn Bhd. The merchandise was not delivered as promised. The delivery date was pushed further every time I checked the Link that they sent in my email. I got no reply whenever I email them to follow up on my order. Until today, their website was no longer available.

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Suzanne – May 05, 2020

Country Singapore

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I placed my order on They send me an email for the confirmation since last year November. I did monitor the delivery date and I realized it keeps pushing the delivery date from December till May, when I send an enquiry they will never reply to you and all your report and enquiry they will automatic closed all your enquiry without anybody reply you at all. Below is all the information and is an online scam from this Company Global Sky Marketing Sdn Bhd register in Malaysia.

I will be attached the email from them to me when I placed the order. The sender with an email address as well. I hope it might be helped if someone knows how to track their fake email address but I believed there is no way that the scammer creates a website without an IP address. There is a lot of people got a scam which I’m very sure because of the website still very active last month. I tried to go to the website today and the website still active but the website doesn’t have a proper website which used to be. I hope everyone doesn’t go to the website I provided. They used the Pandora jewellery name to scam people.
Lastly, The tracking number and carrier are all fake.

Attached all the files are the proof for what I have said.

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Aimee – Apr 21, 2020

Fiz uma compra nesse site Global Sky Marketing S e fui enganado, comprei um fone JBL e não recebi meu email e nem uma resposta dessa empresa, estou entrando com um processo junto aos órgãos competentes para solucionar o problema…

Bridget – Feb 15, 2020

I order from Global Sky Marketing Sdn Bhd Who took my money off my credit card and I wanna know how do I get it back it’s been 3 months since my order

Samantha – Jul 24, 2020

File a disputed with your bank that issue the credit card.

Lisa – Mar 08, 2020

Hi Posha, did you get anywhere in getting your money back?
My partner was scammed and I’m away to start pursuing theses people. He’s waited since Nov 2019 for his “order”.
I’m in the UK.

Blake – Feb 08, 2020

In data 29/11/2019 sono stata truffata dalla Global sky marketing s per un totale di 116€ . Disputa aperta attraverso la banca per il recupero .Contattati dalla banca hanno detto che i soldi mi erano stati riaccreditati…mai ricevuti e mai ricevuta nessuna merce! Attenzione! È una truffa colossale!

Darren –

Victim Location 98053

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scam Details

Scam Type: Online Shopping Fraud

Scam URL / Fraudulent website:

Scam Contents

I found this site ( after after searching Google for a Milwaukee tool. Google showed the site offering the tool at very low price. At checkout, I entered my credit card info, which [suspiciously] failed several times. After repeated attempts to re-enter my credit card info, checkout suggested I try a different credit card, which I stupidly did! Finally, they processed my order, and promised to notify me when item shipped, and provide tracking. They have not notified me with order confirmation, no ereceipt sent, and they do not answer email inquiries. They will never ship item because this looks to be a fraudulent online shopping scam designed to steal credit card info and maybe get you to make several long-distance calls, etc.. Beware!

Comments / Analysis

According to, the domain name was registered only 2 months ago. ALSO, check out

Server Details —

IP Address:

Hosting Provider: CloudFlare (server located in Kansas)

Country: (US) United States

Recipient of credit card payment: Global Sky Marketing

Contact info found on website–

"If you have any questions, You could Leave us a message here. We will get back to you in 24 hours."

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +86 17096611502

Contact: Li Jiahong

Office Address:

Room 2201, Building 15 Jiuxi Garden, 100 Wanshui Road, Hefei Hi-tech District, Anhui Province, 230088 China


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